Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Kruger - Jan 18th 2016


Hi everyone!

On the 18th of January 2016 i’m going on a 22 days safaritrip from Dar Es Salaam to Johannesburg and I’m really looking forward to it! Because i’m heading alone, I am very curious who else booked this one. Maybe we can chat a bit about it and get to know each other! I love to hear from enyone else who also booked this particulair trip!

With kind regards,


Come and join the group!


Dear Anke, Real this is interested Travel plan to discover natural wonders and fascinating earth natural beauties.

We can advise you to travel to destinations and you will find scheduled group departures where you can join people on group tours. Travel from Dar es salaam to Victoria falls and Kruger is nowadays easier and cheap as there is AFRICA low cost airline known as FASTJET. FASTJET flies to all these places from Dar es salaam and you can book cheap flight tickets, just under 100 $.