Your Egypt questions answered


Hi everyone
ive just returned from my travelling and have decided to be useful.

I did the Ultimate Egypt trip in Feb and realised at the time that i was woefully underprepared, and i would have been very useful to find out more stuff before hand. Unluckily for me i didn’t find this site until too late, but if anyone had any questions they need answering before your trip, ill try my damnest to answer them all

Laura x :slight_smile:

Ultimate Egypt 14th Feb - 6th March 2010
European Getaway 2nd - 22nd April 2010


Is a visa the best way to get money out? Any other tips would be welcomed! :slight_smile: I leave for pyramids and beaches in 8 days!

Thanks Laura!


Sorry for the late reply - i was away for the may day weekend

Id def rely on visa/card for your money while your out there - but also have a fair amount of cash jsut to get you through the first few days. At Most of the attraction cash is the preferred option (im not even sure if places like the pyramids accept card), and while in certain areas banks are everywhere, i really wouldn’t take travellers cheques.

Cash machines are fairly common - if your staying at the Swiss Inn NIle hotel, theres one directly outside, or about 500yrs down the street, and in Dahab theres plenty in the town, along the main drag

Hope that helps (and is not too late)



Hi Laura,

I’m going to Egypt later on in the year and have been wondering about the currency there. Did you use the local currency or just pay for things in Euro or US$?? I’ve heard that all are accepted & I don’t want to have to get the local currency if it is not necessary.



Hi, I’m just wondering what the Swiss Nile hotel is like in Cairo? Is it as nice as it looks online? Anything I need to be aware of before we arrive?


Hi All,

Doing the Essential Egypt Tour next week…

-what are some things you wish you knew before heading to Egypt?

-Did you have any issues losing luggage in Cairo airport?

-How hot is it? Is there Air condition?

-Do you get motion sick on the fellicua ride?

-How bad are the bath rooms/tiolets in egypt?

-What kind of walking shoes are recommended?

-do we have to pay for all entrance fees/anything paid by topdeck?

-Did anyone do hot air ballon ride? I heard they are popular…


Hi Laura

I’m going to do the pyramids and beaches tour, and I’m just wondering more about safety, bus safety (did they use public or private busses), hotel safety, train safety, personal safety? How did you feel safety wise in general? What did you feel underprepared for?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Jamie!

When are you going on the Pyramids & Beaches trip?


hey:) im also about to book the pyramids and beaches tour, same as everyone just after basic information, like do you have to be covered up in certain places, how much do things cost etc? thankyouuuu


Hey Guys, I’m also on the pyramids and beaches trip. I’m leaving 5th July!!