Young and solo june/july western crossing?


Hi guys,

I planned to travel with the Western Crossing (Euro camping) this year in June and July with a friend. To put a long story short she is now unable to go. Will my experience be hindered by travelling alone? I am only 19. I have booked tour and insurance but not flights. I am unsure whether I should go alone or pull out until in the future. Any suggestions/feedback would be fantastic! Or to know I wouldn’t be the ony solo traveller in the tour!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Emma,
I wouldn’t cancel your tour. I’m in the same boat, my friends decided not to come with me on my tour, so I will be travelling alone. Im sure it will be just as much fun, if not more. I chose topdeck because it is a good way to see the world and hopefully make heaps of new friends along the way. Im sure you will probaly meet heaps of people on your tour, maybe even a few other solo travellers 2.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m the same my friends ditched but I am still going to go on my tour. I am also only 20 and this will be the first time I will be going overseas but I am sure it will be fine and we will make friends when we get there. I will be in London from the 25th of July for three days before I start my tour European Venturer on the 29th of July. If anyone be there at the same time let me know.