Working out/Exercising while on tour


I’m about to be going on a 20 day Topdeck tour throughout Europe and l live quite a fitness/health focused lifestyle; so, l was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to managed getting in daily work outs or going to the gym whilst sticking to the daily tour timetable/schedule? :slight_smile:

Obviously we do a lot of walking on these tours however, my preferred form of training is strength/weight-lifting (which does require a gym).

Any tips/advice/personal experiences/recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou :smiley:


Hey, I just did a 24 day European tour and I think it would be quite difficult to manage this. Most days you are out all day, from early in the morning to late at night and then you’re exhausted. Also most hostels didn’t have gyms anyway. You definitely do get a lot of walking in though, and depending on the tour you’re doing maybe skiing or swimming. I feel like it would be hard to get weight lifting in though just because of the lack of facilities.


Hey, I was on the 24 day tour with Caitlin.
I am a very big fitness person, 4/5 days a week. It was extremely difficult to the point that I got maybe 1 day of exercise in. Although there is so much walking around in your free days, that you do not feel too bad about it. My friends and I walked around 12-16km every free day, so it is pretty good like that. I do know a few girls did small workouts in their rooms, but we only once or twice got a hostel with a gym, and only one of them was a nice gym. As long as you are walking or biking around and keeping active, you should not worry much about the exercise. Sometimes the rooms were big enough to do small workouts in, as long as you are okay with your roommates being in there with you while you do them. Hope that helped.
Liv xx