Working Holiday Visas - Advice please


Hi Everyone,

I am planning to get a working holiday visa to work in England after the Mega European tour departing 15th May 2012.

I am looking for advice as to whether to go through a visa agency or apply for the visa on my own.

Does anyone have any advice around this?



most visa’s now have to be done online, well for Australia that is anyway. they arnt to much of a hassle to do. basic common knowledge and what not


Order online will help you. You can search quickly and efficiently.


Not sure what country you’re in, but I’m in Australia and just got my work permit for Canada. I completed the application myself, got the visa in under a month, no hassle.


Hi Laura,

I’m doing the same as you! although I’m doing the Grand European leaving on the 1st May for 28 days and then doing a bus about Greek island hopper for about nine days before travelling on my own for awhile before heading back to London for work. I’m just starting the Visa application process and have decided to go with a company-Fast Track Visas. It only costs around an extra $150 AUD for their assistance and they guarantee your Visa or you get your money back. They can also help with setting up your UK bank account and getting an NI number so you can start working which can take some time to set up so it would be worthwhile getting organised before you leave so you dint have to waste any time while your there :slight_smile:

hope this helps- I’m a first timer too fumbling, my way through everything trying to get organised on time!!

have you got work already??


im doing the same as you and my travel agent said to go on and go to Tier 5 visa- youth mobility scheme.
its for people aged 18-30 and the help set up ur uk bank account and ni securtiy number.
good luck :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I am doing a mega European starting 15th May which finishes up on 2nd July. I am then going to travel to Scandinavia for about a month before going to London.

I am tossing up whether to go through a visa agency or just apply myself. I have heard it is pretty easy to do on your own.

I haven’t found a job yet, I am just going to play it by ear and see what arises when i get there as I really don’t have a set date as to when i will start working… probably around September. Hopefully I will have enough money to take it easy and find the right thing.

I have had a look on gumtree and it seems likes there are plenty of share houses being advertised, so hopefully it will not be too hard to find something.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Hi guys

Im afraid I don’t know anything visas but being an ex-student who still moves a lot I thought I’d offer my advice on something lrb87 said about finding a flat. Gumtree is okay but bear in mind its a free unregulated site - on 2 occassions someone has tried to scam me into giving over money before I’ve even seen the place!

My advice is to use a site such as - its regulated so no scams & most ascertain are from current flatemates not landlords so you get a better idea of who you could be living with. Much better site - much safer :slight_smile:

Hope this helps
Claire :slight_smile:


Well I’ve got my Tier 5 Visa to work in the UK. Was a very easy process to do myself and got it back within 2 weeks of sending it off. The hardest part for me was the figuring out of where the biometrics testing was done here in Wellington NZ.

Now just working on getting the bank account and NI number sorted. Thinking of going through either the STA travel or 1st Connact for their packages.

Thanks Claire for the advise on the sites.



Hi guys my hubby and I just got our Visas too. Need to organise a bank account and not sure what else. Whats a NI number? We arrive the 31st March and go on a topdeck tour the 5th April for two weeks then ry settle in.


A NI Number is the National insurance number that is issued by the British Government that is individual to you. In essence it is your tax number. Can take up to 2 - 4 weeks to get.

Hope that helps


apply on line but I just three friends come back from england because of the GFC and the fact there is no work and most of the agency’s are not giving new working visas sorry if i sound mean just thought I give you a heads up


hope you have luck getting yor visa though


Hi everyone,

We got our visas just need to get the NI and bank account. Will organise asap. Going to go see a travel agent as I hear they do packages I think stundent flights. Will check it out Tese next couple days. We arrive 31st March IN lodon and staying at the clink for 5 nights until our tour European Wonder april 5th. Then back to London to look for some work. Im super nervous now from hearing about jobs though will just have to take it as it comes and hope for the best. Where is everyone looking at living etc?