Woo Hoo


Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has booked a trip yet? Or if someone has visited previously and has suggestions on which Top Deck itinerary they would recommend.




My friend and I have booked the Southwest States (LA to New Orleans) tour from 29 June - 10 July 2013. We got a little too excited and booked really early haha.

I’ve been to America 4 times but have generally only gone to LA, Miami and New York. So really, for the amount of times I’ve been, I really haven’t seen very much at all and they’re definitely what you could say are the most typical tourist destinations! My friend and I chose the Southwest States because we have both visited the US before and want to experience new places :slight_smile:

Do you have a tour in mind?


I booked California Calling LA to San Francisco for Mid June…But i would like to extend my trip by adding Stopping over in Hawaii, flying to Chicago to catch up my friends OR going for CCUSA/volunteer



ive booked in for the Canadian Rockies tour for sept. cant wait. :slight_smile: