WinterGetaway DEC 17 - JAN 3


so the 17th is my 21st! 25th is obviously chrissy! and then new years!!! best tour goin!!!
im a solo 20/21 y/o traveller lol very excited! :slight_smile:
i think it would be nice to know some names before the tour starts and before/after tour plans!
i am flying in 10/12 :slight_smile: have no accomodation booked yet lol and not flying out till 08/01! i am thinking i will just travel rnd the uk…
cant wait to hear replys!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Jon! I’m Nicki Travelling to Europe for a month and joining the same tour with my mate Danny! We too are very excited. Where are you from? We’re from Roma, a smallish county town in QLD about 6 hours from Brisbane. Totally agree this was the best sounding tour! And your birthday as well, we will be celebrating that for sure. Looking forward to meeting you. Anyone else out there on this tour too??? ;D


so nice to hear from you! im from wingham, a very small country town 4hrs from sydney :slight_smile: i am already way too excited for this trip! is it ur forst time travelling? how old r u? can wait to hear from more people!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


No I’ve done little bits and pieces - Thailand, New Zealand and a fair bit of Aus. This is the biggest trip yet though. I’m 24. Hope we get some more friends on here soon! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m also on this trip - so excited :). I’m 23 and travelling solo. I fly into London on the 14th of December (staying at the Clink Hostel) and will be staying for two years! You guys should like the Topdeck page on Facebook, go to the ‘Meet Others’ tab and like our tour. I created that before I stumbled upon this forum. At least we have two ways of finding others. Look forward to meeting you both!


that fb page is awsome! i hope more ppl add in! getting soooo excited!!! x


retract that! the fb page doesnt work :frowning:


Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be. Perhaps we could start our own page on FB and advertise it on the Topdeck page? What do you think? Only two months to go! :slight_smile:


lol that sounds heaps technical! i started a discussion on the topdeck sight but let us know if u make our own page! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 months TODAY!!! im so excited!


Hey yall!!!

I got soooo excited when i saw the forum with my tour dates!!! You have no idea!!

I’m 22yo from Sydney! 2 of my friends are coming on this tour with me as well!

I’m currently on exchange studying in London for a semester and I thought i’d reward myself with a massive eurotrip to end it all!!

If you guys fly in early and need accom, you guys could possibly crash in my apartment for a couple of days if you want? (No guarantees though, i have to doublecheck with my roomates)

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!! I’m soooo excited!! 47days to go!!!



Hey Guys!

I just booked this trip on the weekend. Can’t wait!

I’m 29 from Wollongong (1hr south of Sydney). Flying over on Dec 12 and spending a few days in Manchester with my sister before catching the train into London the day before the tour. Gonna stay at the Clink Hostel (thanks for the offer anyway le3sah) so if anyone is keen to meet up let me know.


Hi Everyone

Im will be on this trip. Im Tom 23 traveling with another mate. Im from Newcastle (North of Syd). We fly in to London on the 15th staying at the Royal National, would be good to meet you all before the tour starts.

Not long now! Get excited. Cheers


Hey Everyone,

Does this trip stay in Prague for NYE?
I am solo traveling on the Winter Waltz starting Jan 1 but am hoping to stay in Prague beforehand to celebrate NYE!




Hey Nina,

Unfortunately, I think you’re just going to miss us! We’re in prague from the 28th-30th :frowning: and we’ll be in Berlin for NYE!

Counting down the days!!! Friggen pumped!! xx


Less than a month now! :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

My name is Tim and I would be the lucky mate of Tom to be coming on the tour with you all. Haven’t done a tour before I am a seasoned traveller but usually going solo so I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing the experience for once :slight_smile: Getting bloody excited it’s less than 20days now I think. Not sure Tom has been counting down and I haven’t had an update for a few days.

See ya’ll soon!



Hi guys…
I’m Helen, can’t wait to meet you all! 3 weeks yaaayyyyy!
My fiance Wil and I are on this tour. We’re flying from Perth into London on the 12th and then heading straight into Paris for a few days (including Disneyland, wee!) so we’ll be meeting you guys in Paris on the first day. Save a spot on the coach for us! :wink:

h x



I cant believe I only found this chat now!!!
anyway I’m Chad from Johannesburg in South Africa… cant wait to meet and PARTY with you all!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
seems like we got such a sweet good of people coming on this trip!!!

Any one ending their tour in Amsterdam??? that’s where i will say my goodbyes to those ending in London :’( :’(

Guys have a solid next two weeks - see you all on the flip side!!!



umm… i need a bigger suitcase… and packing for europe winter in this aussie summer is giving me a sweat up!

i have finaly finalised my plans… flying over 7/12 staying in athens till 15/12… ill be in london staying at the clink on the 15th n 16th :slight_smile: and then i have a wk after our tour… no idea what ill be doing tho… does anyone else have plans for after???

ps. my 21st bday is the 17th so we are definatly starting on a great day!!!

so close nowwwww!!! xoxox


ya im with u on the heat factor in the southern hemisphere - its COOKING!!!
thats so rad about ur 21st, we will def go big! i got this trip for my 21st in Sept!! Cant wait to party hard!!
for that week chill in Amsterdam :slight_smile:

btw is there a way we can all find touch on Facebook?