Winter Wonderland Dept. 6 March 2011


Hi All!

Apologies if this has been posted already, I had a browse through the threads and couldn’t see it so here goes!

Is anyone booked on the 14 day EuroHotel Winter Wonderland Tour departing 7th March 11?

Doing the tour solo, though I did a Contiki a few years back solo and had a ball - just wondered if there was anyone else doing it that was in the same boat? A few ice breakers before leaving, you know?

I’m 24 from Brisbane, Australia - boy I can’t wait for some genuine cold weather!!

Stu :slight_smile:


Oh forgot to add, I’ll be alone in London between 21 Feb and the tour departing (staying with friends but hopping about on my own). Will be in London for another week post tour which gets back the 19th.

So if anyones around and wants to know someone also on tour, hit me up here! :slight_smile:


Les than 4 weeks !!! ;D


Me again - revised date of getting into London is the 20th so about a week I’ll be there exploring if anyone else is in the neighbourhood and going on this tour?


Anyone else jumped on this tour last minute? :slight_smile: