Winter Wonder


Hi, my name is Jess and I was wondering who else will be going on the Winter Wonder tour on the 3rd feb 2013?
Along with my boyfriend of 6 years!!!

Looking forward to making some friends!!


Hi Jess! Me and my cousin, Erin, will be touring round Europe with you!!
Have you done much travelling?

Eliza :slight_smile:


Hey Jess, Hey Eliza! My boyfriend and I will also be joining you on the winter wonder tour on the 3rd of Feb! Not gunna lie I’m pretty excited!!! Already started buying all my warm clothing! Will you guys be staying at the Umi Hotel before we depart??
Bree ;D


Hey Bree! We’ll probably be staying at the Umi Hotel from Feb 1st… and I reckon we’ll stay there for two nights after the tour finishes as well, before we head back home.
I know - it’s pretty much all we’re talking about at the moment! Can’t wait :smiley:


Awesome! We are staying the night before and the night after at Umi and then are transferring to another hotel in Earls Court London for an extra 6 nights stay :slight_smile: Who are you flying with?? I honestly can’t wait- it really isn’t that far away either :wink:


Hey, I’m Eliza’s cousin. We’re booked through Finnair, but apparently they don’t fly out of Adelaide, so I think it will be QANTAS till we reach Singapore. Maybe?? Hopefully not with Jetstar though haha :wink: We’re going to be staying in London for a few weeks before hand and then finish with the grand tour, I’m so excited, I really want to see snow ;D


Oh hey Erin :wink: it’s a Finnair flight operated by Qantas - so we’re safe! Who are you flying with, Bree? and when do you arrive in London?


Have you never seen the snow?? I went for a trip to Mt Hotham in high school and I absolutely loved it! I live on the Gold Coast, yet I love the cold… confusing I know lol, We are flying through Singapore Airlines :slight_smile: What made you decide on the winter wonder tour? We arrive in London on the 2nd at 2pm. (Yes I know we are cutting it close) we just decided it was probably better to start with the tour so we aren’t exhausted by the time we get back to Australia :slight_smile: Have you guys ever been overseas?


Fair enough - we’ll be pretty much straight home and back into uni the next week, so couldn’t stay much longer really!
Our cousin did the Winter Getaway tour last year (slightly longer) and we decided we wanted to do one too, but we wanted some time to ourselves around England too so we chose Winter Wonder!
I’ve been to the UK twice, in 2002 and in Jan this year - went to London as a tourist and Scotland to see family, same trip both times really. Saw snow in Scotland this year, great fun :smiley: I felt like such a little kid! But I’d never been to the snow before that. Have you been overseas before?


Yeah I think I get back a day after my uni gets back :wink: I am so envious, it has been my goal for ages to go to London/ Europe :slight_smile: I just love the snow, it’s going to be so great :slight_smile: I’ve been to Japan twice as an exchange student, but nowhere other than that! I’m really excited, I just wish we were leaving next week haha. Have you looked into how your going to take your money? We’re looking into a 28 degrees Card, any thoughts?


Oh cool! I’d love to do a study exchange!
When I went this year, I took an ANZ travel card, with pounds loaded on it - so I think I’ll just do that again and put pounds, euros and Swiss francs on it. There’s no fees for any purchases, but there are fees to withdraw cash from ATMs - so I’ll also take a Westpac card again, which will mean no withdrawal fees from Barclays ATMs, except I’m not sure if Barclays is in Europe as well. and some cash, of course.
I haven’t heard of a 28 degrees card - what are the features?


I think I used something similar to the ANZ one when i was in Japan. The 28 degrees card is a credit card, but you can place money on it (the same as a travel card). There are no annual fees, no currency conversion fees, and no international transaction fees (only the fees of the individual ATM). You can use it in a range of ATMS from what I read online, only obscure banks don’t accept it. It gives you the currency exchange at the time of withdraw. You can withdraw up to $1000 a day from an ATM and $3000 in an actual bank. My Uncle is in Europe at the moment and he is using one, so I’m gunna wait and see how he goes.

Heres the website:


Hmm… sounds promising - might check that out a bit more. Banks are so confusing - you can never get a straight answer haha. Does sound good though. Got a while to figure that stuff out though I guess, this time last year I hadn’t even decided if I was going to the UK, didn’t book til mid-October, left mid-January!


At least that way you were counting the days down for so long haha We have ages to go!! What were the temps like in London when you went last year?


I know! It was only like 80 days or something! It was zero degrees when I got off the plane at 7am, so that was a nice chilly start! Got up to 6 during the days generally… Not unbearable, so long as you have a super warm jacket!


How exciting! Can’t wait to give my winter jackets and scarfs etc good use, dont get much use of them on the Goldy :slight_smile:


Hi guys glad someone has finally wrote on this!!! Thought we were going to be the only people!!!
This is our first trip over seas!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! X) Started to count down the days already!!!
I live in Tassie, so used to the cold…

I have decided to go with a Travel Money Card, was the best thing I could find- still taking credit card!!!
Swisse francs are not a currency I can use on my card :frowning:
I’m unsure of how much money to take/spend XD

Flying to Dubai for a 10hour stop over…shopping mmmhhhwwwaaaa!!!
Staying UMI two days before and after!!

This trip is all I can think and talk about, pretty sure friends and family are sick of hearing about it.


Haha, I’m the same. Everytime I go on my computer I somehow wind up on google looking at different things to do in Europe. My family have heard the countries we are going to a thousand times, but I can’t help but be excited :slight_smile: 10 hour stop over by choice for shopping, or just because that’s the way it worked out? Who are you flying with??

That sucks about not being able to have swisse francs on it! But I guess it would be better to have too much swisse franc than not enough, if you get it in currency before hand. Only because you can always get it converted back to Euro or Pounds if necessary :slight_smile:

Well I’m currently saving for my spending money. I’m aiming for five grand-ish there abouts to have on my card. But I’m in London for a week after the trip too. But because I’m taking a credit card I always have that to fall back on plus I’ll have the currency I will exchange beforehand.
I decided it was better to have too much than not enough! Also, because I’m travelling with Daniel, and him being male (taking less spending money) if he falls over and breaks his leg, I’ll be footing the bill I’m sure :wink:

So exciting! Not long now!!! We should definitely meet up for dinner the night before our tour leaves or something, seeing as we’ll be in the same hotel lol


LOL I’ve been getting onto Google Earth and having a good look around the places we are going:) Just the other day I was vertially strolling down some streets of London, having a good look in the shop windows:)
Stopping over in Dubai by choise for shopping!! Flying Emirates, friends say its worth paying that little bit extra!! Im so excited for the flying part actually…woop

YES, we should have dinner, will be good to know someone before the trip starts:!
Have you checked out the hotel on the net yet? or the Itinerary?? Had to lol at the Amstadam optionals!!!


Yes my boyfriend was very excited about the ‘sex show’ optional extra lol. SO have I, I love google Earth, I got quite aggressive when I couldn’t look in Switzerland though!! I’m not overly excited about the flying over lol! 28hr flight, sounds painful: but I know I’ll be so excited the whole time :slight_smile: International flying takes so long by the time you go through customs etc etc I’ve heard Heathrow can take a while too, being the major airport.

Yeah I’ve had a look at the Umi it looks like alright :slight_smile: But we’ll be changing accommodation the day we get back to a more convenient hotel in Earls Court tho :slight_smile: I’ve just being looking at sooo many blogs trying to find snippits of information about the places we are going to :slight_smile: Gunna be such a great trip!

I wonder how many will end up being on our trip…? And what countries they will be from…?