Winter Wonder vs Winter Getaway?


hi all![br][br]i’ve been tossing up as to whether to do the winter wonder or winter getaway tour in march. i decided on the winter wonder as it has two days in salzburg and i wanted to see the sound of music stuff. but i was reading about other tours with other companies and their walking tours include seeing some of the sound of music stuff but the topdeck description only says stuff about mozart?[br][br]so i’m just wondering if anyone has been on either or both of these tours and which you would recommend?[br][br]thanks :)[br]


Hey! [br][br]I’ve done the winter getaway and my mate’s doing the winter wonder right now. The winter getaway was amazing, you get to go to Berlin which was my favourite place of the whole trip, and you dont get to go there on the wonder trip, Prague is amazing too! It seems to me that with the extra 4 days of the getaway trip you get to see loads more of Europe and it’s not quite as rushed as the wonder trip. But if you really wanna do the sound of music tour then maybe the wonder trip is what you should do as we only had one night in salzburg and then we left, it was still enough time to have a walk around and take it in but not sure if you’d have enough time to do the tour, maybe you would! Anyways, have a greast time whatever you choose![br][br][br]Chloe


Hi Emma and Chloe.
I to am a BIG sound of music fan. I emailed Top Deck to see which out of the Winter Wonder and Winter getaway would get me more time in Salzburg so I can do the tour. She said that both tours spend the same amount in Salzburg and that we will get there in time to do a Sound of Music tour.
Im hoping that she is correct as i really want to do one!

Hope this helps a little.