Winter Wonder November 29th Nov - 12th Dec


Just wondering if there was anyone else out there in the forum going on this tour (I know its kindof early but hey, why not!)


Hey![br][br]My boyfriend and I are doing this tour :)[br][br]Im glad I have found someone else doing this tour! I am so excited!![br][br]Where abouts are you from? :)[br][br]Aimee


This is great! [br]I am from Adelaide and its my first time overseas and I am going solo. :slight_smile: [br]I am super excited as well, and am slowly getting myself organised! [br]Where in Aus are you from? [br][br]Hannah


I’m not doing this one but i am doing[br]the Winter Getaway on NOV 28th[br][br]Melissa


We are both from Sydney![br][br]I have only been overseas once (only to Hong Kong) so this is my first major holiday overseas :slight_smile: [br][br]We are joining in Paris. [br][br]Are you going home after the tour or staying around for a bit? [br][br]So glad I have found someone in the same vote as me. Iv had heaps of questions but its hard to find anyone that is going on a winter tour or already has.


Yes it is. I am starting in London but have only about three full days after the Tour because I have to get back to work! :frowning: I was seriously considering going to Dublin for a few days because its fairly cheap and easy for me to get to. [br][br]I also have so many questions about stuff on the trip and no one to ask so I guess we can check with each other for now! [br][br]Today I went shopping for some thermals because there will be no winter clothes anywhere by November but its even hard to find them now![br][br]Did you and your bf have some plans for after the tour? [br][br]Hannah


Did you have any luck finding thermals? Im really dreading trying to pack! [br][br]We have booked accommodation at the Umi hotel from the 12-15 then flying back to France where my bf has family. [br][br]Would I be able to get your e-mail address from you? Just, if your feeling anything like I am at the moment, I am WAY too excited and have stacks of things to talk about! haha! [br][br][br][br][br]


I bought my thermal from Kathmandu on sales. I got three thermals for $70 and they are so warm and look like normal long sleeve t-shirts.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Just incase you didn’t get it, my email is ~!


Anyone else going on this tour or is it just us too? :slight_smile:


I am going to Prague-London in 11/11 to 17/11. Is the weather the same as the Northeast of the Americas?[br][br]B