Winter Wonder - March 7


Hi all,[br][br]Is anyone here doing the Winter Wonder tour on March 7? I haven’t booked yet but (hopefully) will be doing this tour :slight_smile:


Hi,[br][br]I’ve now got a place officially on this tour :slight_smile: Will anybody else from here be going on the tour?


Hi Emma :slight_smile:

I have booked this tour also! Are you staying in London before or after your trip? Any particular country or city you are looking forward to? Talk to you soon.



Hi Gem

I’m flying into London a couple of days before the trip and then I’m there for a day or two after. I’m looking forward to everywhere really, though I am looking forward to Salzburg. I think Florence will be good too :slight_smile: How about yourself?


Getting really excited about it all now! This time two weeks we will be in Paris! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to all of it! So many cool cities in 14 days. I’ve seen a little bit of France and Italy before but haven’t been to Paris or Venice so really excited about them! Looking forward to the beautiful scenery in Switzerland and Austria.

St. Patricks Day in Heidelberg should be fun! I checked online and they have Irish bars! :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m Irish by the way lol) So make sure you bring something green to wear in your suitcase! It should be one big party!

Are you going to do much sightseeing in London when you arrive or are you just planning on chilling out before the tour starts?


Ohhh yes something green! I totally would have forgotten! I’m so jealous that you will in Ireland though, I’m hoping to do a tour of there at the end of May :slight_smile:

I’ve been to London before so I probably won’t do much sightseeing. I’ve got a friend over there at the moment though so it should be good to catch up with her. I’ve also been to Paris but it will be good to see the sights again, was so rushed for time there! And it was raining too so hopefully (fingers crossed lol) the weather will be a bit better :slight_smile:

Are you staying at the Umi hotel the night before the tour starts?


I’m thinking about seeing if I can still book this tour. Just a little nervous since I will be travelling on my own, which I have never done before in my life. Never been to Europe and have always dreamed of going and now sounds like a good time. However everything I’ve read sounds so positive. Is anybody else travelling alone?


I’m travelling alone :slight_smile: I think a lot of the people on the tour will be. I’m sure there’ll be a couple in a group of friends but I’m sure everyone will have a great time either way.


Hi Viv :slight_smile:

I’m travelling on my own as well. I’ve always wanted to see more of Europe but none of my friends had the time or money this year to join me on a trip. I think a lot of people do these trips on their own so I’m sure there will be plenty of people to mix with and become friends with. I was nervous before I booked it. I have been looking at travel websites for months thinking will I … won’t I lol! Now I am just excited thinking about all the lovely cities we will visit and the fun people I will meet.

Hey Emma :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will love Ireland if you get a chance to visit. Yes I’m staying at the Umi. I arrive on Saturday morning. Have you started packing yet? I am not a good packer! I usually take quite a lot on holiday but I don’t want my case to be so heavy that I struggle to lift it.


I started packing today. I normally take too much stuff with me (I like options haha) so I was worried I would have too much stuff but so far so good! Less than a week until I fly out now, excitement is starting to set in!


I emailed TopDeck twice but haven’t heard anything yet. I want to go! But I guess I’ll keep shopping around as it seems so last minute. I need to find something to do in March! D:


Not long now!

I’ve been watching the weather this week. Looks like we could get some pretty nice weather in Rome!

Emma have you been in contact with anyone else that is going on this trip? Are you on facebook?


I know, I fly out tomorrow! It’s so exciting :slight_smile:

I hope the weather is nice. But I won’t mind if there’s a bit of cold and rain… It’s so different to here haha.

I haven’t been in contact with anyone else, I guess most people don’t come here… But yes I surely am on Facebook. I’ll PM you my link.