Winter Wonder - March 28


Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has booked a place on the Winter Wonder trip departing March 28?

Let me know, would love to hear from you before the trip.



I havent booked yet but i would :slight_smile:


Hey Mel

Am booked in for this tour. Can’t wait!!!


Oh brilliant. Are you travelling solo? What part of Oz are you from? Are you staying at Umi (I think that’s what it’s called) the night before?

Questions, questions, questions …


travelling solo from st kilda, melbourne. Am thinking about staying at umi but haven’t booked yet. fly to london on 11 march to be part of best mates wedding. First time o/S and yourself?


Oh cool. I’m from the Sunshine Coast in QLD. But I’ve been living over in the UK for the past 7 months. My best friend is flying over also - it’s her first time over here too … I haven’t ventured into Europe yet, so I’m looking forward to it!! We’ve booked a room at Umi for the night before - seems easier when we’re departing so early in the morning! Looking forward to meeting you.


Hey ppl, wats cracking… ;D

Hope everyone is getting excited…not long to go now…YEEWWWWWWW…!!! see u all at the docks sunday arvo… :slight_smile:
ur crazy bus driver… B-)