Winter Wonder Jan 2 2010


Hi Guys,[br][br]I have just booked the Winter Wonder for Jan 2 2010. I am traveling on my own and want to find out who else in on the tour.[br]Let me know :)[br][br]Andrea


Hey Andrea,[br][br]I’m going on that tour too! But doesn’t it start on Jan 3rd?! :S[br][br]I’m travelling on my own too. I’m 20, from Adelaide. How about you?[br][br]Sez (or Sarah :))


Hi Sarah,[br][br]It is great to finally find someone on the tour! I realised I put the wrong date after I posted it. I am 27 and from Melbourne. I was getting worried no one was on the trip given it is in winter. Is this your first time to Europe?[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Yeah winter’s not the ideal time to be going hey! I forsee myself freezing :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s all part of the experience, right? Haha.[br][br]I’ve been to Europe twice before, actually. Once in 03 with my family (England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria), and in 06 on a 3-week school German trip (I learnt German for about 7 years), but this will be my first time travelling (anywhere!) alone… Scary but very exciting.[br][br]How about you? Do you have other travel plans?


I am sure I will freeze too - I do not think Australian winter compares to the cold we will face.[br][br]I have been to Cyprus in 07 to visit family and I went to Greece this year on my honeymoon. I have also traveled to Dubai, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia.[br][br]I am leaving my dear husband at home to travel for 4 weeks (he has done it before so doesn’t want to come).[br][br]I arrive in the UK on Christmas eve and will stay with my brother and sister-in-law who live in Essex. I spend a couple of days with them, travel to Prague with my sister-in-law for a few days before going back to the UK for New Year. After the tour I spend a couple more days with my brother before coming home. Would like to do more but I cannot get time off work and plus I doubt my husband would be happy if I was away any longer.[br][br]Are you traveling pre or post tour?[br][br][br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Oh man. Cold cold cold. LAYERS I think (hope!) will be the key…[br][br]I’m sure that once you’re over there and telling your husband all about it he’ll wish he’d come![br][br]That’s handy that you’ve got family over there! My mother was born in England so I’ve got some over there too. Convenient![br][br]I arrive on Dec 30th and I’m spending a few days with family friends in Dorset (who are over 80 - rocking NYE hey! But I figure I’ll be so jetlagged anyway that I don’t mind. Plus I’m not a huge going out partying type). After the tour I’m having a few days in London, then going to Berlin and going on an 8-day Contiki tour (I really wanted to go to Prague, but not alone, so figured this was the best way…!) which goes Berlin - Prague - Vienna, then I’m having a couple of days in Innsbruck, then going up through Germany visiting friends for about three weeks. Then home again, in time for uni.[br][br]I’m also going to Vanuatu for a week at the start of December with my family! So I basically get NO Australian summer! :([br][br]Ah I get so excited when I think about it :D[br][br]Sez[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Sounds like you have a lot of traveling planned. I am starting to look forward to the trip even though it is 3 months away.[br]Hopefully we have lots of people on our tour, I was a bit nervous that being winter, it would not be as popular.[br][br]I am staying at the Umi the night before the tour. Are you doing the same or just meeting there in the morning?[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Haha yeah hopefully! I guess that the tour being changed to the on request thing on the website means that it’ll be pretty full! But that’s good, lots of people to make friends with! Crazy that we’re the only two on here though. Do you know what the maximum number of people on a tour is?[br][br]I’m getting really excited about it. I’m also really enjoying investigating things to do in each place (as well as working out where to stay etc when I travel by myself), and I have a countdown on my wall, and on the board at work! Haha.[br][br]Yeah I’m staying at the Umi the night before, I figure that’s much easier than trying to get there that early in the morning! I’m also staying there the night that we finish the tour, again for ease. After that night I’m moving to a youth hostel though![br][br]Sez[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


I am counting down too. I can’t wait although I will miss my husband. I cannot believe how tour is almost full - I think the max is 40?? I am sure there will be people will all click with. I am not sure why no one else is on the forum?[br][br]I think my brother might pick me up after to tour or I might just catch a train back to his house.[br][br]When are you paying for your tour? I am trying to stretch it until the due date but I really want to see the itinerary so we know what we will be doing.[br][br]Where do you work? Are you are Uni too?[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hi Girls,[br]My partner and i will be on this tour too, This will be our first trip to Europe so we are really excited!! I am 19 and from the Gold Coast. I was a bit worried about heading over in winter but it’s great to hear from other people on the same tour. :)[br][br]Chantell[br]


Hi Chantell,[br][br]Sarah and I were wondering who else was on our tour. I am sure we will all have a great time. What is your partner’s name?[br][br]Are you traveling before or after the tour?[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hi Andrea,[br][br]I don’t know anyone else who is on our tour… It took me awhile to get onto this forum, when i signed up it wouldn’t let me log in until a week after. [br][br]My partner’s name is Justin and he is from the Goldy to. We are flying to London on the 28th of December and spending New Years in Edinburgh then after this tour we join another tour from Vienna - Prague - Berlin and then back to London to get ready for our flight to New York for a week. [br][br]I?m not looking forward to packing and i don’t own any clothes warm enough for winter in Europe Ahh!!![br][br]Are you taking a sleeping bag?? I’m sure i’ll have more questions to ask you on what i should pack. [br][br]I think we are going to book the Umi hotel the night before this tour as well (if there are any rooms left).[br][br]Chantell[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hey Chantell! How’re you? Great to hear from you! I couldn’t get on the forum for ages either, glad it wasn’t just me.[br][br]I’m not taking a sleeping bag (no way will I want to be lugging that around for two months!) but if it’s warmth you’re worried about I’m sure that there will be blankets aplenty… and if there’s not you could always just buy a cheap one or something :slight_smile: or pack a thin one from home? I’m actually considering that. But definitely not looking forward to packing![br][br]I booked the Umi hotel directly on their website, and I think it was way cheaper than booking it through Topdeck - there was some sort of internet special or something I think.[br][br]Andrea - I’m not sure when I’ll pay for my tour! I want to get some sort of documents or something (though I booked through a travel agent so don’t suppose that will be for a while) but I guess if it’s nearly full… it’d be more unlikely that they’d cancel it? Hmm. Yeah I really have no idea! Haha.[br][br]I work at Subway (woo… xx(), and I’ve actually deferred uni for this semester, but I was in third year of a double degree of Media and Arts. I might go back next year or I’ve applied for Toursim & Event Management. So we’ll see how that goes. Where do you work?[br][br]Sez[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hey guys,[br][br]In terms of a sleeping bag I am considering bring an old one from home so if I shop too much I can leave it behind. I think they reccomdend you tak one just in case our accomodation changes? Not sure.[br][br]I really do not have enough winter clothes so I am just going to layer stuff.[br][br]Chantell - are you allowed to share a room with your boyfriend or will you be stuck with us girls? My friend told me that you fill in a sheet on the bus and pick who you share a room with. Most people pick a few different people. I am hoping we are not in the room much so it will not matter.[br][br]I booked Umi through topdeck as I booked my tour directly through them so I found it easier. I am over travel agents so I booked my flights and everything via the net.[br][br]Sez - I work at Deakin Uni. I am assuming you have heard of O’week? That is one of my big projects plus I do other stuff to try and get students involved at uni.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hi Guys,[br][br]I booked the Umi hotel over the net one night before the tour and two nights after, I think i might just take an old sleeping bag too.[br][br]Andrea - This was the only tour with Top Deck i could find that would allow me to choose twin share (travelling together) accommodation, so fingers crossed! [br][br]Sez - I used to work a Subway for a couple of years and now really miss making my own sub for breaky and lunch, I’m working in the mines in WA and there’s no Subway out here which sucks!![br][br]Chantell[br]Winter Wonder 3 2010[br]


Yeah, I think layering will be key… though won’t it be really warm when we go inside places? Not that that’s a problem, just annoying to have to keep removing & putting on clothes![br][br]On the sleeping bag front I think that might just be for EuroClub tours? I’m not sure though. There’s a few documents that are on the tour site, but in the accommodation section it doesn’t say anything about needing to take a sleeping bag. But I do remember reading that somewhere…[br][br]Andrea - of course I’ve heard of O’Week :stuck_out_tongue: we have one too! That seems like a cool job though.[br][br]I’m pretty sick of Subway, as if you even want to think about eating it after working there!! Haha. I have to work on the public holiday tomorrow, too. Ah well. It’s all money for Europe![br][br]Sez[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


I have bought a new jacket so I am hoping that will keep with warm outside so I do not have to wear so many layers. I still need to buy gloves.[br][br][br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Less than two months to go now![br][br](basically I just wanted to bump this thread…)[br][br]Sez[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Sez you are funny. It is getting close. I leave Aus in just under 7 weeks! I am getting really excited. I am going to Prgague for a couple of days and I have heard there is already snow![br]I better start saving some money so I can shop if I want! I would love to buy something from every country (and not just a postcard!). I am addicted to shoes but I don’t think my suitcase will fit 8 new pairs![br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hahaha sure it will! Just throw all your clothes out :wink: or mail them home! The shoes I mean, not the clothes… Though that could work too :stuck_out_tongue: I leave in 49 days! It’s under 50 now, so exciting!!! Actually I leave in 7 weeks now tooooooooooooo!! Oh man :D[br][br]Sez[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010