Winter wonder december 19th


Anyone going on this tour? would be good to know somone before getting there as i will be on my own which im a lil freaked out about!



There are at least 2 others coming! There is another link further down the discussions page as I can’t remember the other girl’s name! I’m really looking forward to New Years Eve in Vienna!

Stacey ;D



I’m on the Winter Wonder tour on the 19th of Dec as well!! ;D
I’m SO excited but also crapping my pants a little
as its my first big trip alone!


Meeee!! So excited :slight_smile:
I’m doing the winter spirit tour which is the longer version on the winter wonder :smiley:
When is everyone arriving in London ?? Staying at clink?


Hi!!! I’m coming!!! At this stage I’m solo but my friend is thinking bout coming. I’m only arriving the morning before and haven’t been to Europe before. Thinking the clink might be the place to stay from reading others posts?!?! Am I right? I just started a page on facebook Winter Wonder 19th Dec-1st Jan to see if anyone was going lol
wooot! Only 40 sleeps!


Hi All, my husband (Mat) and I will be joining the 19th Dec crew too. WeÂ’re doing the winter sprit, from what I understand, its almost the same as the wonder, just longer. This will be our first Europe trip. IÂ’ve spent all day getting organised… I canÂ’t believe it has come up so soon. IÂ’m very excited to meet my extended travel family and spend Christmas and new years with you. So far I think my shortage of warm winter cloths could be a problem. Do you really think that jeans wonÂ’t cut it? thatÂ’s the warmest IÂ’ve got! We have a couple of days in London before the tour leaves, I might do some shopping then. We donÂ’t know where we are staying yet, just having a look at whatÂ’s available today. Do you think it is necessary to book before we leave? I have found better rates in backpackers by just showing up. Also, one more question, do you think itÂ’s a good idea to bring along a lonely plant guide (or something simular)? I have found the olÂ’ trusted plant guides very useful for getting me from A to B before, but with a knowledgeable tour guide it could just be taking up valuable space.
Anyway, I better do some work so I can spend on tour… chat soon…


Hey everyone
I will be joining the 19Th DEC crew as well.
I am arriving DEC 18Th and would like to explore the city anyone interested on joining me?
I booked yesterday and I am very excited about this trip and I hope all of us can have a really good time, anyone interested on joining me on facebook to talk about activities that we could do on out free time? ;D



I’m getting in on the 18th also! Bout 6am in the morning. Very keen to see the city n catch up before the tour.
Where are u staying? I haven’t booked acc yet.
I made a facebook page so that we could chat on there if u want. It’s called Europe Winter Wonder 19th Dec-1st Jan
We can chat there if u want?!
Cheers looking forward to it!
Sharon x


Sharon I think I’ll be there around the same time I’m not sure but I know it would be early in the morning B-).
I have no clue yet I actually need two extra nights in London but I have no idea on where to book.
By the way I tried looking for the Facebook thing and I did not find it ):
Best Regards


Oh kool!
Yeah I’ll be having a week after the tour that I haven’t organised yet! Think I’ll go to Ireland fora few days but itl just be watever I decide at the time!
Sorry facebook page is Winter Wonder Europe, Plus the dates. I have never made a page thingy so I hope I’ve done it right! Just easier than going on here.
can’t believe our trip is nearly here!! Exciting!!!
Stacey aren’t we in Amsterdam for New Years? I must if looked wrong. Rome for Xmas???
Anyway anywhere will be great!!


Hey, Everyone. My name is Tom. I will also be joining all of you for the Winter Spirit Trip, leaving December 19th. I’ll be arriving a few days early to possibly make a trip to Ireland and/or Stonehenge. If anyone has any suggestions or want to say hello, please feel free to reply :slight_smile: PS… I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really looking forward to skydiving in Switzerland. Take Care, Tom


I was originally going to book this date, but at the time, the travel agent told me this tour had too few people and not going. I should have taken my chance and book this. I’m on Dec 26, since it was guaranteed.

Have fun…