Winter Wonder Dec 2 2012


I know that this trip is still so far away but as it will be my first “big” overseas trip and I’m a tad excited. Also not knowing what to expect of a European winter, would love some advice on what to expect and maybe tips on packing :slight_smile:


Im in the same boat so definitely want some tips!


Steph, will you be doing the winter wonder tour?


Im booked in for the winter getaway! i found you got more for your money with this one :slight_smile:


Fair enough, time is of the essence for us so we just thought whirlwind and then off to explore on our own :slight_smile:


My boyfriend and I are doing this tour! So excited! It’s my first overseas trip so I can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah-Jane, finally someone else doing Winter wonder lol, I was starting to think maybe it was just going to be me and my hubby! Are you doing much touring after the topdeck tour?


Hey Guys! I did the winter spirit in January of this year and I can honestly tell you it is a fantastic tour. Even if you’ve never been to Europe before it’s still a great taster of the most beautiful countries in the world!

What you will most surely need:
A few thermal bottoms and tops (Berlin can really be a shocker cold wise, worse than snowy Switzerland!)
Pack something a tad lighter for Italy, I wore a dress with stockings a in Venice and Rome.

If you want to get the most of your one day in Paris you MUST leave at around 6am. When we left the hotel it was still very dark out but it was worth it because we were first in a line of hundreds for the Eiffel tower climb, went to the louvre, arc de triomphe, dined on the champs elysees, saw Notre Dame and went to a Moulin Rouge show!

To ensure you get the most of your free time you should plan your train stops etc the night before in particular in Paris and Berlin.


Yay - My best friend is doing winter wonder, and I’m meeting half way in Rome :smiley:

so excited!!


Hello! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, no. We’re leaving the day after the tour to come back home, but if it’s good, which I have no doubt that it will be, I’m going to go back to Europe next summer so I can experience the different seasons over there!

I’m so excited though. We should definitely meet up one night before the trip, to get to see who we’ll be travelling with :slight_smile:


Only 9 weeks to go now, am getting a tad excited ;D
there has to be more then Sarah-Jane going! lol I’m keen to meeting up the night before for a pint or 3 (yes yes I know we have an early start the next day). If there are any people on here that are going, jump on the Topdeck meet app (its easier to check then logging in the the forum). Is anyone else having the urge to start packing yet? lol :wink:


Down to 4 weeks to go, getting very excited now! Still only 3 people on the Meet app :frowning:
Surely there are more people going??