Winter Wonder 9th Jan 2011


Hi all…
I’m travelling with Top Deck solo for the Winter Wonder tour leaving London on the 9th Jan.
Just wanted to see if there’s anyone else out there on this tour!



I really want to go to, but I don’t have a company…
do you think it’s ok for me to go by myself?



Yeah…I’m going by myself and have talked to people who have done other tours by themselves and they’ve said it’s great fun!


I’m also travelling by myself on this tour, it’s good to know there’s a few of us!


Good to hear there are a few of us going anyways!! I’m actually heading off to London a few days before the tour starts. Getting there on the 6th so let me know if anyone is around early!


Oh ok, I’m leaving Dubbo on the 6th so ill be in London early too! Are you staying at the Clink before the tour?


I’m actually thinking we’re on a different tour now, mine is the Winter Getaway leaving London on the 8th…


Oh yeah that is a different tour! Oh well…I’ll be in London from the 6th anyways if you want to do some sight-seeing! I don’t think I’m staying at that place though. Can’t remember the name of the place I’m staying at off the top of my head


Yeah we should! Do you have any places in mind yet? I’m pretty much just making it up as i go along i think!


HI EVERYONE!!! me and my friend will be on the winter getaway leaving the 8th of jan! i cant wait to meet everyone and start exploring :slight_smile: who else will be staying the night before? would be great to get to know a few ppl before the bus leaves!


Yeah I’m just taking it as it comes in London. Nothing planned as yet there so it will be nice to have some people to check things out with


Hey! Have just signed up on this Winter Wonder tour also. Will be spending New Years Eve in New York, then Barcelona for a couple of days, but will be in London on the evening of the 6th, so have a couple of days before the trip. I’m originally from Melbourne, but have been living in Auckland for a couple of years now, so you’ll get to pick on my accent! :slight_smile:


Where are people staying before the Winter Wonder tour starts??


Hi-Rachael, Im going on the same tour as you and your friend leaving on the 8th!
Would be great to meet up before we go, where are you staying in London?


hey danielle! i have found 3 other girls on the tour… its geting very exiting!! we are staying at the clink hostel the night before. how about u? do u have facebook?


hey! So, i’ve finally booked for this trip and i’m sooo excited! I’m going with a friend, and will be in london on the 7th… will u be there?


Hey Natalia, I’ll be in London from the 6th so I’ll see you there! Are you staying at the UMI Hotel?


OK, so I’m a little confused … are you all going on the Winter Getaway on the 8th, or the Winter Wonder on the 9th? ???


I’m going on the Winter Wonder on the 9th :slight_smile:


I"m on the Winter Wonder on the 9th too