Winter Wonder 7th February 2010


Hey all! [br][br]Just booked for the Winter Wonder tour departing 7th February 2010. [br][br]Anyone else out there going on this trip? I’m super excited already! [br][br]-Katie.


Hi Katie,[br]I am doing the Winter Wonder on the 2nd of Jan. I keep finding people form other tours in winter. I am also traveling on my own so hoping to find other people of the same tour. Hope you have a great time.[br][br]Andrea


Hi Katie,[br][br]I’m also going on Feb 7! Good to know I won’t be alone ;D


hey all[br][br]im on this trip with 2 of my old school mates, we are spending time in the US and Canada before heading on this trip.[br][br]2 of us have never been out of AUS so we are pretty stoked to be heading on this :)[br][br]not long now


Awesome finally worked out how to get on here![br][br]Very excited to be heading overseas, never been out of Australia like me mate Ads just mentioned. Looking forward to a good time seeing the sites and meeting new people![br][br]-Daniel


I’ve been to the US twice already, but this is going to be my first visit to Europe.[br][br]Which places are you guys going to visit in the US and Canada?


we are heading to LA, Vegas, San Fran, Vancover, and Victoria Island


Anyone else going on this?


Hey, im going alone on this tour aswell. pretty keen for the snow in austria if its on.[br][br]Is anyone staying at that umi hotel the night b4?.. it seems fair expensive. Is there anything abit cheaper nearby. [br]cheers.


yea mate there 3 of us stayin at the umi the night b4.


Yeh sweet.[br]Ill probs catch you guys there[br]Tyler


I’ll arrive in London on the 6th and will be staying at Umi as well. See you all there :slight_smile:


UM Is anyone taking a sleeping bag?[br][br]


Hi Guys,[br][br]You don’t need a sleeping bag on hotel trips: the hotel supplies bedding and most would have extra blankets as well.[br][br]Have a great trip![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita