Winter Wonder 6th Jan - 19th Jan 2019


Hi I am 19 and From Australia, i know it is still REALLY early but i am just about to book on this trip is anyone else going or about to book??:grinning:


Hi Alana, how are you?

I’am Larissa, from Brazil.

I will book on this trip on this date!

Anyway, I agree that is


Hey Larissa !!!

I have booked onto this trip !! We can talk in the top deck app when you’ve booked this trip :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Courtney & I’m from Australia & thinking about booking this trip


Hi Courtney,

We have a growing number of people booked onto this trip in a group chat on the top deck app! I’ve spoke to a few people who have done this trip and highly recommend! My self and three others are booked on and from completely different parts of Australia!

Hope you join us :slight_smile:


Still deciding to book, I’m more nervous about going solo, but the trip looks amazing


I’m going solo and I think a few others will be as well so don’t worry about that if you book on and are nervous feel free to sent me a message and get to know me a little bit before we go!!


Awesome… sounds good


Hello all!

My friend and I - both 23 from Australia are considering this tour also! It’s nice to see so many fellow Aussies heading there the same time as us!

Hopefully get in contact with someone once we book things :slight_smile:


HI! looking to book this trip for 6th Jan. Is there many people confirmed?



Yeah a month ago their was 18 people booked on so it has guaranteed departure!


Hi there, Im looking at going on this trip solo too. I just squeeze in for the age limit do i expect ill be the nanna for the trip!


Hey girl I’m 19 travelling solo on this trip also, coming from Melbourne, Aus!!