Winter Wonder 5th December 2010!


Just wondering if anyone else is booked to go on the Winter Wonder tour departing on the 5th December 2010 from London!!
So excited!
Lemme know!
From Kirstie :slight_smile:


My friend and I are also going on this trip :slight_smile: we are so excited. Nice to know someone else is on the trip, was getting worried :slight_smile: We from South Africa and are 18 years old. Cannot wait


Me and MY friend are going!! Mega excited about it! For a second there didn’t think anyone else was going on this tour. haha. :slight_smile:
We are joining the trip from Paris instead of London.


Ah this is so exciting:) I hope more people on on this trip, cant seem to find any others.


Hi Everyone

Chris here from Adelaide, Australia. Also going on the Winter European Getaway December 4-21.

Can’t wait for the trip! Haven’t given it much thought because of Uni studies, but it isn’t far off now! Looking forward to meeting you everyone.




Hiii Chris! I think our tours are different. Ours goes from the 4th to the 18th of December and it’s called the Winter Wonder tour…? ???
Hmm…But yes…nonetheless…any kinda travellin’ is grooovy!
I’m from Melbourne in Australia. :slight_smile:



Hi Everyone,

Chris and Sare here, We are coming on this tour too. We are form Brisbane, Australia. We are a little delayed in getting everything organised but super excited and cant wait to meet you.
Not long now at all :slight_smile: