Winter Wonder 4th Dec



Just booked a winter wonder (Eurohotel) tour for the end of the year. i know it was early but got a really good deal so we booked it.

Just wondering how strict they are on luggage size? My girlfriends suitcase’s physical dimensions are a little bit bigger than what it says in top decks info.

Also is there anyone else on here that has booked this trip?

Cheers Blake



I’m going on this tour :slight_smile: My names Karen and I’m from Perth.

How exciting not long now - I’m actually a little nervous!!



Hey Karen

Awesome, hopefully its good fun!

Yeh not to long now! Have you been to Europe before?


Nope never been there before, is it the first time for you guys as well? :slight_smile:


Ive been once a few years ago but spent most of my time visiting family in England. but did spend a few days in Paris. My other half hasnt been anywhere outside of Australia.