Winter Wonder - 4 Feb 2018


Anyone booked into this trip? First time solo traveller here!


My partner and i hop on in paris :grinning:


Hey! I’m also a first time solo traveller joining the 4th Feb Winter Wonder tour! :grin::grin:


Wow, Amazing trip can’t wait for it.


Hey Shannon, looking forward to meeting you! Are you joining in London or Paris?


Michael that’s awesome! I’m hopping on in London :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m joining in London :blush:


I’m also travelling solo on the 4th feb Winter Wonder tour!


My partner myself and our 2 friends are all doing this trip. Cannot wait !
We are from Australia :koala::australia:


Hey Jody! I’m from Brisbane :blush:


First time solo traveller here to! Flying out of Brisbane tonight to London for the 4th of Feb winter wonder tour. See you all soon!