Winter Wonder 2nd of Jan 2011


Hey Guys,

Just interested if anyone else has already booked for this tour. We are a group of four and very much looking forward to this trip. If your booked on this date then give a shout out and introduce yourself!





I am planning on booking in the next day or so. A little nervous to go as I am going alone, but also so so excited!!
Have you already booked?


Hey. so im not actually doing this trip im going on winter getaway 2nd Jan. and super exited. havent found any1 else on my trip yet and solo traveler but its gonna be great. just wondering what baggage types u are planning to take… if u hav thought that far ahead… like back pack or suitcase. we r doing same type of tour and im just a bit unsure i dont hav a backpack but will get one if thats really the best but if i dont have to that would be awesome haha. so any pointer are greatly appreciated.

might even see u guys in london :slight_smile:



Hiya B-) Is this the 14 day Winter Wonder tour? :slight_smile: I’m finalising my trip in the next week or two! I’m definitely looking forward to it. It would be great to catch up with some people before the trip ;D Cheers, miCheLLe



Its great to hear from people that are booking this trip. We are all ready (the 4 of us) and set to go… really looking forward to the experience and can’t wait to catch up from fellow travellers. So have you guys booked yet? We are heading up to Edinburgh for new years (hogmanay) before the trip starts and then will be in london 1 night before we leave for the tour, staying at the umi hotel. What’s your plans guys?

Looking forward to hearing from you all. The time is creaping up on us!



Heya Joe, :wink:
Great to hear from you! OMG :o I’m going to be in Glasgow to celebrate New Year’s eve, sorry not Edinburgh though (close enough)! I’ll be there from the 28th of Dec to the 1st of Jan. I have a friend who runs a pub in Glasgow so I will be celebrating a Glasgow-style Hogmany party there. Doing a day trip in Edinburgh during those few days so I might see you guys there :slight_smile: LOL ;D Flying back to London on the 1st as well. BTW my friend says the 1st of Jan. is a public holiday so hopefully you’re not planning a train ride back to London??! I’m checking into either Umi or Bayswater Inn so maybe I’ll see you guys around. 70 more days to go! Woohoooooo! :slight_smile:



I have booked mine so pretty excited now! I am spending new years in Venice so planning on doing the option where I meet everyone in Paris instead of London.
First time in Europe so pretty pumped :)!!! Where are you all from? I live in Melbourne.
Michelle now there is only 67 days haha yay.

Janelle :slight_smile:


Heya Janelle! ;DCan’t wait to meet up with you in Paris! I’m doing a beginner’s crash course in very basic French (course book) so I can at least say “Bonjour or Bonsoir. Comment Ca Va?” Response: “Ca va bien merci, et vous?” LOLLLL… Should be funnnn! Venice sounds great for New Year’s. No doubt you will have an awesome time. BTW, I’m in Brissy! Flying into New York and New Jersey for Christmas first and then Scotland next where I will be spending a Glasgow-style Hogmany party. I’ll be in London on the 1st! See you on the 3rd Janelle as I too have booked my trip over! Yesssssssss! ;D 64 dayssssss to go. :o


Haha i’m planning on learning a little french too (all I know now is how to count to 10…not too sure where that is going to help much hehe) and Italian. Your plans sound amazing…especially New York!!! Im flying into London then off to Austria for a week of skiing (or at least attempted skiiing :P) then Italy until our tour! Ah Brisbane…better than silly cold Melbourne atm.
62 days ;D.


[font=Arial Black][/font]Wow you’ve got an awesome trip planned as well ;D [size=5]54 days to gooooooooooooo :o)[/size]


Hi all!
Thought I’d drop in and say a quick ‘hello!’ There’s three of us travelling with Topdeck and we are definitely looking forward to the Winter Wonder tour. We’re staying in a hostel just down from the Umi hotel the night before. We just checked out the ‘Botel’ in Amsterdam where we’re staying… this trip is going to be fun!
Counting the sleeps until we go!!!


Hi Emma,

Where abouts are you guys staying in London? I need to book a place and havent decided on one yet. Would be good to try book somewhere others are staying as we need to be at the Umi hostel so early in the morning.
Looking forward to meeting up…not long now at all!!! Yes I looked up the hotels too…am hanging out for Amsterdam :)!



Hey guys,
Looking forward to meeting up with you all. The four of us are flying out from Edinburgh on the 1st and staying at the umi that night before the tour starts. Hope to perhaps meet up for dinner or pre-tour / new years drinks on that night??? Would you all be keen to meet up at the umi and go from there?