Winter Wonder 21st Dec 2011


Hi there. We have booked out tour for the 21 Dec - 3rd Jan and are really looking forward to it. Was wondering if anyone else is going on this tour?


Hi, my husband and I are going on this tour :slight_smile: It will be my first time travelling to Europe, my husband has done a Contiki tour a few years back so at least one of us knows what more or less to expect ;D We are really excited now, only a little more than a month to go…


oh Awesome…was starting to think my husband and I were the only ones going :slight_smile: This is our first time aswell so we are a little nervous but really excited aswell. :slight_smile:


You are not alone! :wink: I see you are from New Zealand? We are from South Africa ;D I hope I will survive the cold European weather hahaha. How young if I may ask are you and your husband? I am 30 and my husband is 36 - cannot wait to meet all the different people. Its gonna be loads of fun! Anyways, have a super day!


I no we are hoping that we survive the cold as well. I have lots of warm clothes lol. I am 25 and my husband is 26. We are getting excited as well. it is going to be AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:


Hi there, me and my hubby have also booked the same trip on these dates! Neither of us have done a tour like this before, so we are extremely excited and counting down the days!! I am looking forward to meeting all of you.


Hello everyone! My fiance and I are on this trip too! Will is 24, and I am 23 (turning 24 on the last day of the trip). We are from Australia and hope that we don’t freeze! Haha ;D looking forward to meeting you all! Megan and Will.


Well Megan then that would be a good reason to party the night away for your b-day!! Looking forward to meeting you and Will.


Yea it is a good reason to celebrate. Not long to go now…looking forward to meeting everyone aswell :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, just reading all the posts and it sounds like it is going to be a really great group of people on the tour. My name is Lucie and there are four of us doing this tour. My husband Kym, my sister Justine and her partner Byron. We are all from Adelaide, Australia and are really excited about our tour. just trying to organise some last minute things, making sure we have enough warm clothes and enough space to pack it all. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.