Winter Wonder 2016!


My partner and I are doing the winter Wonder tour next year!
Anyone else booked for the same dates? 31/01-13/02


Hi there! My boyfriend and I are booked on the Winter Wonder departing on 28th Feb 2016. I’m quite nervous though as it isn’t definite departure. Fingers crossed!


Hi guys I’m also going to be on that trip!! I’m travelling solo and wanted to know if anyone else wanted to go skiing/snowboarding in Switzerland?
Can’t wait to meet you!


Hey! I’m doing this tour solo. First trip by myself so I’m excited and nervous at the same time.
I’m from Perth, where are you guys from?


Hi @Kathrynlc8 I’m from Geraldton just up the road from you!!!


I live an hour south of Perth so i’m a little further away haha @Stephanie_Hanlon. The trip is coming up so quickly, i’m flying out tonight to spend some time in Londond with my cousin. When do you fly out?


Hi @Kathrynlc8 I’m in London right now. I have been here for the past two days doing a self guided tour of just London


Hi @Stephanie_Hanlon, that’s awesome :slight_smile: I got into London yesterday afternoon and have been exploring with my cousin. Will be good to put a face to a name tomorrow morning. See you then :slight_smile:


Hey, I am do it solo as well. Doing the winter wonder tour leaving from London on the 24th December and getting back to London 14 days later.
So excitied!