Winter Wonder 2010 - 2011 (HTWW)


Hey Guys!!

I have booked the Winter Wonder tour leaving on Dec 19th!!!
I’m travelling solo so would love to hear form anyone else
who is doing this trip!
I’ve started counting down the weeks but am trying to enjoy
as much of the nice kiwi weather before departing :stuck_out_tongue:

:)Looking forward to hearing from fellow travellers!!


I booked last week and I’m counting days already too!!!
Very exciting but WHAT do we pack???
I’m travelling solo at this stage also but a friend of mine is thinkingabout coming.
Glad to hear there are other solos though!
Not long wioooot


;D Yay so happy to have found someone else finally!!
Where abouts in oz are you from Sharon? What do you do?
I’m a little nervous about the cold so went and brought an awesome
Kathmandu jacket but other than that I’m aiming for layers! (the more
the better!)
When are you heading over?


Hey Abby,
Im from the Central Coast which is about 1 hour North of Sydney. Just had a trip to New Zealand in March actually!! Loved it!!
Im a school teacher which I think there may be a few of us seeing as it is school holidays. There is another post in the other section about this same tour and I made a facebook page to see if people coukld join and then we could put photos up after. I saw someone else had done it on a previous trip and thought what a great idea. Im heading over on the 17th December straight after school finishes actually… What about you?


Hey guys!
I’m debating whether I should go on this tour or not. I will be travelling by myself as well. I’m from the US but am studying at a university in Scotland for a term. I just don’t want to end up in a bus full of 18 year olds just looking to get drunk every day.


Small world Sharon, I’m a teacher too! And i am also heading over on the 17th!
(Will have the long flight to recover form end of year drinks!!!)
Where are you staying before the trip??

Dan you should defiantly book! I’m 23 and going solo and I’m pretty sure the
age of Eurohotel is generally above the 18 range?? ;D


Just wrote a huge MSG and lost it all!!!
I’ll write another one later!!!


Hey everyone
I will be joining the 19Th DEC crew as well.
I am arriving DEC 18Th and would like to explore the city anyone interested on joining me?
I booked yesterday and I am very excited about this trip and I hope all of us can have a really good time, anyone interested on joining me on facebook to talk about activities that we could do on out free time?
1 month until London (((((:



Hey guys i really should of looked on here earlier! Im on this tour aswell! :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting everyone! Is anyone staying at the Umi hotel the night before?