WINTER WONDER; 17th January 2010


Another call out for anyone who may be doing this same tour???[br][br]:)[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.


Yes![br]I am travelling on my own and doing that tour =)[br]I am super excited! [br]


Hey Amanda![br][br]So glad to finally find someone doing the same tour as me. [br][br]Its so close and I’m getting so so excited! Where abouts in Australia are you from? I’m from Newcastle.[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.


I am from Perth![br]I am going to be in Canada before the tour and then I have some time afterwards to travel some of the UK.


[br]Hey! [br][br]I am going on this tour too, so excited! I am travelling alone also, so glad/relieved to hear others are doing the same! I am heading to the states first! Are any of you staying at the Umi Hotel the night before?[br][br]Sabina :slight_smile:


I will be on this tour too… well sorta. I will be on the bus with you guys and start out in London but my tour is a little shorter and I will be leaving on the day you leave Rome. Still extremely excited!!! My first time in Europe!!! Can you believe it it’s less than a month away!!! [br][br][br]Jenn [br]Parades to Piazzas Jan. 17 2010 (first half of Winter Wonder)[br]


Are you guys bringing suitcases or a rucksack? I am still undecided!


I am staying at the Bayswater Inn. So I guess thats in Bayswater! haha. I am taking a rucksack/backpack. Its a 75 L one so I hope thats enough =) I am flying o/s in 9 days and I am excited!!! It’s going to be soooo cold!


I will be bringing a suitcase.


I stopped by my travel agent’s office yesterday and picked up my packet. Did you guys get yours yet?[br][br]I am also staying in London at the Umi hotel before the trip as well.[br][br]Jenn


yay! i almost gave up on this site as i thought there was hardly anyone jumping on-line that was on the same trip as me! i’m so excited i have found a few people![br][br]Amanda,[br][br]I am also doing the UK outside the top dekc tour, but I am there for 5 nights before the tour rather than after. Its going to be so cold![br][br]Sabina,[br][br]Glad to hear your going to be on the same trip also. Where are you from? I am staying at the Umi hotel night before the tour as well. So maybe we can organise to have some drinks before hand? It will be nice to (sort of) know some other people before hand. I am taking a suit case as well. Im almost done packing actually! haha And yes, I got all of my tour details of my travel agent the other day too. Its all too exciting![br][br]Jen,[br][br]Hey there! So your doing the first part of the winter wonder? how does that work out? good to hear! are you staying at the umi as welkl before hand?[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.


I’m glad to sorta know a few people before the trip as well. I will be staying at Umi a couple of nights before the trip. I just found out that my tour was part of another tour. Apparently longer tours have tours within tours for example this tour will have a tour (my tour) called Parades to Piazzas within it, which will meet with you in London and travel on the same coach with you until Rome. Then we go our seperate ways on Jan. 23 and another tour called Hadrian’s Path will meet with you in Rome and travel with you back to London. Now these smaller tours usually only have about 5 or so people within them. To me it doesn’t matter, I’m just so exicted. I’ve been coutning the days.[br][br]Jenn


Well great. We should be able to meet for drinks at the Umi then before the tour. That sounds ok about the trips beinmg combined. The more the merrior. [br][br]How is your packing going? I am almost done with mine. Christmas and New Years is taking alot of my attention at the moment but after all that i should have plenty of time. Also. Have you seen on the news how cold london/europe has been?? Were going to freeze! haha[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.


Yes I’d be keen to meet for drinks on the 16th night I think I get to Umi in the morning! Oh I leave on the 31st of Jan for the US and have done little to no packing - stress!(but still so excited)! Haha I agree Pauline, I don’t think I am prepared for how cold it is going to be!! When we are in Austria is anyone else planning on doing the ski trip for the day?


Hey i just finished my tour which was the winter wonder. It was so good! The first hotel in paris was a bit scummy…great location but not very nice but every hotel after was fantastic! Some were 4 stars was so good. I had so much fun and was travelling on my own but made some awesome friends and loved every bit! [br]So enjoy your trip everyone!


No ski trip for me. I think alot of people would do it though.[br][br]I have packed big coats and i am buying thermals today. I am getting so fricking excited! Not to long now everyone!!! : )[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.


Oh looks like layering it up is gonna be the way to go! I can’t wait either Pauline! so excited! ;D


I will definitely be doing the skiing! I paid for the extra insurance so I may as well do it! I fly into London on the 16th at 11.30am and I am staying at a hotel around the corner from Umi so I will be able to meet up with you guys for drinks that night! I am so excited! I am flying to Canada on Tuesday and I cannot wait![br][br]Amanda[br]Winter Wonder 17th Jan - 30th Jan 2010


I think meeting for drinks is a great idea. I will be seeing a west end show on the night of the 16th but I’m sure I could meet before or after the show with u guys. I haven’t started packing yet. I have been shopping though. I am dreading how cold it will be. Layers layers layers. But my theory this cold may keep most of the crowds away. Less crowds the better.


oh this is exciting. [br][br]well how about we meet somewhere at the umi hotel at a certain time the night before the tour? there should be a bar at the actual place or maybe near by? [br][br]does anyone know???[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.