Winter Waltz or Democracy road?


My Friend and I are trying to decide between Winter Waltz (hostel) and Democracy Road (hotel). We have heard that the hotel tours often have a lot more couples and older people (we are 18). At the same time we like the idea of having our own room at the end of the night. Has anyone got some advice which may help us make our decision?


@amrdoran I have done both hostel and hotel trips and I find I prefer the hostel trips. You get a bigger group and many more people to talk to. I was a solo traveller and I found that you didn’t mix or make friends on the hotel trips as you were always twin sharing. I also found it hard to make plans with other people because we would only see each other on the bus and at dinner.

If you are travelling in winter, I would definitely do the hostel tour as you will be spending more time in your hostel and rooms than in a summer tour due to the reduced daylight hours. You tend to congregate and hangout in hostels easier, either in people’s rooms or in the bar. I still speak to people from my winter hostel tour and don’t keep in contact with anyone from my summer hotel tour at all. It will depend on the tour group you end up with, but you will get a lot more solo travellers on hostel tours who will be more willing to hang out with new people, both during the day and night.

In terms of having your own rooms, most topdeck hostels are 4 bed, single sex which are not too bad. I am not a party person or do late nights much and everyone I roomed with (we changed every 2 days) was very respectful and didn’t party in the room late at night. Worst comes to worst, you only have to rooms with people for 2 night before changing rooms.


@satie89 Thanks so much for sharing! that really helped :slight_smile: