Winter waltz jan 27


looking for people doing the winter waltz tour jan 27th - feb 2, im travelling solo so would love to talk to other people doing the same tour… not long to go now :slight_smile:



Hey i’m doing the same tour and also travelling alone…will be staying at the hostel the night before the tour as well!


ohhh thats so exciting :slight_smile: I fly into prague at 11 am from paris the day b4 and staying at the hostle aswell :slight_smile: what time are you getting in?


I fly in from paris at about 4pm from memory…are you on facebook?


I fly from paris too, arrive at 11:35. get to paris on the 19th staying with friends a couple of days and yes i am -!/profile.php?id=581391478


sounds pretty much like what I’m doing! I’ll add ya on facebook…if you accept of course!


of course i will :slight_smile:


Hi guys, im also coming on this trip alone :slight_smile: so glad to see there are others. I know its a little late now, but thought i add something to this post. Ill be coming there on the 27th so i guess ill see you both in prague :). Is it cold??? Trying to figure out what to pack.