Winter Waltz 24th March


Will be going on the winter waltz 25th march and just wanted to check if anyone else was! :slight_smile:


I am interested in it, haven’t booked yet, it starts in Prague, how will you get to Prague and where from? :slight_smile:


I’ve booked it. See you there!


Great, see you there :slight_smile:

I’m flying out to Prague from London. Will get to Prague about midday and I guess will have to make my own way to the hostel and entertain myself until 5 when everyone else should show up. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Same same :slight_smile: just made it in time before it sold out … should be a fun trip :slight_smile:


Do we really need to take a sleeping bag? takes up most of the space in my bag LOL


Brilliant :slight_smile: when do you arrive on Prague on the Sunday? Don’t worry, it says in the pre-departure booklet that on winter tours all bedding is provided, I double checked this with them on twitter and got it confirmed! more room for jumpers or maybe I’m overestimating the cold?


Good Good I have taken it out now :slight_smile: Hmm I think it may be a little cold ??? but hopefully not freezing temp … what time is your flight is it sat or sun?


Hi! Can’t wait for Sunday! Looks like I mite be on the same flight from London on Sunday morning arriving around Midday.


9.30 from Gatwick? Providing there are no weather-related delays. I have booked a transfer from the airport, if anyone was interested I went with this company: - I was a little intimidated to do public transport alone :slight_smile: