Winter waltz 2012



Anyone doing the WINTER WALTZ 2012?
Solo Traveller so like to meet like minded people?? :slight_smile:


Hi Mel,

I’m thinking about doing the Winter Waltz tour during mid-late January or early February 2012. I’ll also be doing the trip alone. What dates were you thinking about going?


Hey Michael

I was thinking April… when it is a bit warmer… ;D
Not used to cold…


No problems!

Yeah, I’m not really used to the cold either! I’ll be going from 40 degree temperatures (summer in Australia) to sub-zero temperatures, it might be a shock to the system! That’s the only time I can get off university, I guess I’ll have to deal with it! But there doesn’t seem to be many people interested in the Winter Waltz or Spires in the Snow tours (I’m undecided about which one I’ll do!).

All the best with organising your trip! :slight_smile:


I am going on the Winter Waltz Jan 1-7…anyone else?


doing the winter waltz 27 jan - 2 feb, travelling solo???


I’m doing the Winter Waltz tour starting on the 8th April - travelling Solo also!

Anyone else on this one? :slight_smile:


only a few weeks until i go on my tour, just a little excited :slight_smile:


Ashleighrose you’ll have to come back here and share! :slight_smile:
Have an awesome time!