Winter trip Britain & Ireland 24th of December until the 6th of Jan


Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has booked on this tour starting on the 24th of December 2017 until the 6th of Jan 2018, my name is Bec and I’m a solo traveller from Melbourne, can’t wait to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Hi Bec, i’m booked to go! My name is Missy - solo traveller from Wellington. I’m looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone :relaxed:


Hi missy, I can’t wait not long to go now :slight_smile:


Super excited! It will be my first time to the UK, busy time at work so the countdown is on. :smile: Unfortunately i’m not arriving in London till late the day before so not much time to explore, but the trip itself should be fab.


It’s my first time as well :slight_smile:️ Aw that’s okay maybe you can explore after