Winter tour in february


Is anyone here going on the winter tour i think its around 18-20 days, i think it is feb 20 - march 10? something like that anyways… me and a couple mates have booked and paid, wondering who else is going?


Hey there,[br]yeah i booked onto that trip just the other day (man i feel broke now!) i’m going solo (scary stuff) as my mate that i’m travelling with (we’re in paris at the mo) is a little too short of funds!


Hmmm, so is anybody else going on this tour? or are we really going to be able to spread ourselves out on the bus?


my thoughts exactly


Hey, [br] Myself and a friend will be on that tour too. Looks like its a bus full of Aussies.[br][br]


Well that’ll cool, mind you i’m in London at the mo and the only people i seem to be hanging around are aussies, really should get out and mingle with the locals more! so where abouts in aus are you guys from? (i’m taking a stab in the dark here and guessing you’re from Perth Josh).


We are from Canberra. Leaving in 15 days! How long have you been travelling for?[br][br]


haha yeh im from perth, staying here for big day out, my 21st and to sort uni out then il be in london, how cold is it there at the moment?


Cool, yeah i’ve been travelling with a mate from uni days, since just before NYE. actually we’ve been really luckly with the weather, my mate Tami has been over here for over a year now, and she says that so far this winter has been really mild. So yeah it’s cold, but at the moment London is not too much of a shock to the system, it got up to 10 degrees yesterday, and it was SUNNY!!!


its really damn close now, i leave nz on saturday, cant wait. got my tickets and trip itinerary today, so exicted. im goin on my own as well, so should be good :slight_smile:


Hey All![br]I’m booked on the Winter Getaway leaving on the 18th as well![br]Can’t wait to leave! Sounds like its going to be awesome![br]I’m in London at the moment staying with relatives, but I’ll be staying at the Globetrotter Inn the night before we leave. Is anyone else planning on staying there as well?


ah yep me and two mates r stayen there the nite before, leaving from australia tomoro[br][br]getting excited :slight_smile:


see you all tonight :slight_smile:


i’m staying there too, only a couple of hours now! cya’s then.