Winter tour- Essential Europe


Hi,[br]My sister and I are planning on going on the Winter Essential Europe Tour (12 day) and cannot decide which tour to go on- the one that goes over Christmas and New Years or the one that just goes over New Years! [br][br]I am a little aprehensive of the former as I don’t want to miss out on things because of Christmas day and places being closed and such. Has anyone gone on this tour? and what did you do on those days? [br][br]Also what is exactly included in the tour price? [br][br]Cheers


Hi,[br]We did the Essential Europe tour over last Christmas and New years and we had an amazing time![br]There was a couple of things that weren’t open due to Christmas but most were and the bus was decked out with Christmas decorations and there was a real party atmosphere…I will never forget spending Christmas night in the Hofbrau Beerhall (it was minus 10 deg) or bringing in the New Year on the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland![br]My advice is do the Christmas and New Year tour, you won’t regret it!:slight_smile:


Thanks for that! That sounds awesome!!! I think you have just helped make the decision. The fact its a guarenteed departure is comforting.:slight_smile: [br][br]If you don’t mind me asking: what places did you have to pay for? (So we can get a budget in place.)


The guaranteed departure was what attracted us too, as we couldn’t risk having the dates change…[br]You have to pay for all sorts of extra stuff, entrance to the Vatican, the Louvre, Sex show (if you go),the optional dinners (which all people on our tour attended)and any other places you decide to visit whilst you are in a city, like the Colosseum in Rome and we paid to go up into the Salzburg fort while we were there…If you budget 60 euro per day you should be right. Some days you won’t spend that much and others you will!:slight_smile:


Thanks again! Its a bit a fun trying to organise this trip as my sister is already over in the UK. So can’t wait to go on this trip though!