Winter Spirit


Hey i know its really early but im considering do winter spirit december 30th 2014, at the moment i will be going solo and it would be awesome to meet a few people before i go. Is there anyone out there booked it or considering it?


Hi Lauren,

I’m just about to book the trip for 30th. Are u still considering it?


Sure am, i put a deposit on it about a week ago :slight_smile:
Will you be going solo or with friend?


I’m going solo! Ru too?
I’ve put a deposit down…so excited! I love Europe in winter! Is this ur first European trip?
Add me on fb if u want… It’s Erin Ez. ;D


Hey Guys!

Really excited, just booked on the winter spirit Dec30-Jan22.
Was wondering how many others were going?


hey guys
My names Cassie. I have put down a deposit on this tour for the 30th December and am travelling solo too.
Would love to get to know some other people going on the tour.


YAY more people going solo!


Hello all,
Good to see a few others are travelling solo too.
Looking forward to meeting some new people and having a great trip!


Heyy everyone, I’m not travelling solo but excited to meet everyone! Going to be great!!


Hey guys!
I’m Colette from Sydney :slight_smile: Super keen for 30th dec! Also travelling solo so looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I’m Lachy - just booked in for the Winter Spirit leaving on the 30th; travelling solo on my first european trip and very keen! :slight_smile:


Hi! also just booked this trip, I’m so glad there are other people travelling solo :slight_smile:
cant wait to meet everyone!




Im Tom, travelling with a group of friends on this tour (4 of us) where stay at clink 78 for 2 nights before the tour is anyone else staying there? Would be good to meet up before the tour starts,

Looking forward to it!! :slight_smile:


Yah! more people going solo!