Winter Spirit/Rhapsody Jan 13 LONDON - Jan 19 ROME


Hey hey,

Is anyone planning on doing this tour? It looks pretty amazing.

I’m thinking of booking the Winter Rhapsody on the 19th and making my own way down from London to Rome from the 11th so I can spend a little extra time in Paris - so much to see and do, so little time.

Can’t wait!!


I’m booked in for Winter Rhapsody, but not your dates. I’m so glad to see someone else on these forums doing that tour, because NOBODY else has posted anything… Mine starts in Rome on December 29th and ends in London on Jan 15th


I know, it would seem not many people do the Rhapsody, but don’t worry - I have a little secret for you… Rhapsody and Spirit are one and the same :wink: So, if anyone is going on the Winter Spirit departing on the 23rd of December, you will be travelling with them. However, the trip would still be amazing if no-one was going on it, Eastern Europe is meant to be incredibly beautiful in Winter. I just hope this Winter is MUCH milder than the last. Have an amazing trip!!!


You just made my day.