Winter spirit review


I’m booked on the winter spirit tour departing march 8th. I was hoping someone could provide any info or reviews that have done it recently?


I am doing this tour on Feb 2!!! I will be more than happy to give you a review when I am back :slight_smile:
Getting excited now!!!


Ooo that would be great! There’s not too much written about the winter spirit so far so I’d appreciate it! I can’t wait either!


Hi Jen, I’ve just got back from the winter spirit and I had an absolute blast - best 24 days of my life! I’m sure you will have an amazing time! If you’ve got any questions feel free to send me a message :slight_smile:


Hi Beachgirl
Im doing the WinterSpirit in March… Can you tell me if you needed an extra sleeping bag at night? Some have said I should take one anyway, but would prefer not too if I can get away with it :slight_smile:


Oh that would be so great! So far ive heard nothing about it! Was there any parties, like themed ones or anything? And what was the accomodation like?


heya sorry to butt in guys :stuck_out_tongue: just wondering …im about to leave on the winter spirit tour next tues…do we need a sleeping bag?! i didnt think it was part of the packing list?! ive never done any travel like this and none on my own so just wanting any hints i can get! also what shoes did you bring?! :smiley: any advice/tips etc would be sooo appreciated :smiley:

Cheers! B-)


Sleeping bags are only for camping and sailing trips, not Winter Spirit. As for shoes, I brought the Vans that are on my feet and some evening shoes. In about 10 hours I’ll know just how cold my feet are, and I’ll report back… My backpacker friends say that the cold can be pretty penetrating and snow boots are the key to comfort, but buy them in London. Better range, much better prices. I don’t mean ski boots btw, the ones my friend showed me were basically lace-up ugg boots with thicker soles for 20 quid.


Hi guys, I just finished the winter spirit trip about 2 weeks ago so I might be able to help you out a bit :slight_smile: I didn’t take a sleeping bag and I was fine - to be honest it even got a bit hot in some of the hostels at night as they all had heating. If you do get cold easily you could always wear more layers to bed anyway! Saves on bringing a sleeping bag. But if you’re travelling around before & after the tour you might want one depending on where you’re going? Take a travel towel though as you definitely need that - not all hostels give you towels.
*Accommodation was overall pretty good - in the end its just a place to sleep and the hostels were either in central locations or really close to train/tram/bus stops. Everyone will tell you that the hostel in Amsterdam is pretty shit but the room wasn’t too bad - downstairs stinks of smoke but so does everywhere in Amsterdam so it doesn’t really matter!!
*Shoes - as a girl I found all I needed to bring with me was one pair of boots that could be worn out at night & a pair of thongs/flip flops. I bought a pair of cheap warm waterproof boots in London before the trip started and wore them pretty much every single day, but make sure they’re comfy as you can end up walking a fair bit around cities!!
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


thanks guys, very handy hints! always helps! im sure ill look like a complete tourist when i step off the plane in heathrow! lol! ill be the lost looking one! but thats half the attraction to this whole solo travel thing! gettin lost in a country ive never been to before! woohoo bring it on! lol :smiley: >:( loving reading all these posts :smiley: cant wait to meet some new faces very soon!


That’s so great , thanks!


By the way, I’m trying ti buy a sleeping bag liner. How good is it tohave one of these?


Wouldn’t bother with the sleeping bag liner. I don’t know specifically about the hostels on this trip, but every hostel I’ve ever stayed at has banned using sleeping bags, liners, or your own sheets.

Newsflash: London is bloody cold right now! But I don’t think footwear is the problem, it’s more the top half. Worry about the jacket more than the shoes, I say. I just got a hot deal on a pair of gloves which has improved things a bit.


Awesome! Thanks for the heads up Jane and Matthew! Mine doesnt start until March, so hopefully it is a bit warmer by then! :slight_smile:



No worries guys :slight_smile:
Just a little tip about the weather though - if you find London cold, be prepared to get alot colder as you head into Europe! Asides from probably Italy, London is the warmest place on the entire tour (by the time I got back there, I thought 7 degrees was positively warm!!) But the trick to staying warm is layers (eg. I would wear singlet, thermal top, hoodie/thinner jacket, then a big waterproof warm jacket, then thermal or normal leggings under my jeans!). Layers are great though because indoors is always heated so you only have to worry about rugging up for outdoors :slight_smile: