Winter Spirit - Nov 4 2010 - who's in?


Hey all

I’m Emma, from Australia. Just wondering who’s in for the Winter Spirit tour departing Nov 4 2010???




But you already know this of course, as you live with me!!!
But for anyone else who is travelling with us (my name is Amy btw), we thought it would be a good idea to know you through this forum.
Anyone for skydiving in Switzerland???

Can’t wait! :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my god is that you outside my window?! STOP STALKING ME!

lol yeah we’re fairly normal (i promise)

no i dont want to go skydiving, but whos in for skiing?


Just wondering if there are any more travellers out there departing on this date???


Hey guys, my name’s Jen (also from Aus, about 2 hours out of Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m not on this exact tour but I am booking the Spires in the Snow tour that starts on the 17th Nov so I’m guessing that I’ll be tagging along with your tour for Hungary, Krakow and Prague!! :smiley: Very excited for it, I’m spending about two months in Europe over two Contiki tours before this one and going home after this one! Where in Aus are you guys from and are you doing anything else on your trips??


Hey girls, I’m 23 female from Perth and have booked for this date! What sort of backpack are you taking? I’m planning on staying in London for a few months after this tour and doing some more travel and packing is such a bitch of a thing!! xx(


Into my this the summer will Australian country think about the land’ places abound with interesting thing.:slight_smile:


YAY!!! We have lift off… Emma and I are from NSW, about two and a half hours west of Sydney! and we have two other friends coming with us! We’re travelling for about 8 days before the tour around london and wales… and I have to agree lolls… packing is a bitch… the recommendations don’t seem to cover everything I want to take. Im just taking yuor average backpack but it doesnt have a wire frame, but Ive had a friend who did top deck say that it was ok… I think as long as it doesnt have an external frame and isn’t over 20kg, you should be fine. Glad to hear from you all… Not long now…yewwwwwwwww!!!


HEY! im 23 from perth and will also be on this tour! im travelling alone so its good to see that there will be some other girls around my age on the tour!
packing is such a bitch!, finding it really hard to fit winter stuff into a backpack especially as ill be away for 3 months, planning on travelling around the uk and perhaps spain before the tour and paris and amsterdamn afterwards! xx


Yay looks like the tour is filling out!!! :smiley: Am so excited for it but a bit sad that I’ll only be there for a little bit…will be awesome still though!!! :smiley:


Hey! im 21 from Adelaide. Will be traveling around scandinavia and germany before with friends but booked on this tour alone. Staying in london for a week after tour then heading to Turkey :slight_smile:


hey im from the gold coast and im booked on this tour getting excited the packing this is worrying me though its winter u should get an increased wight limit on ur bags in winter. at this stage i might be on the tour alone aswell im joining in paris…


Hi girls,

I’m Jill, am 26 and am also from Sydney (just slightly closer than you guys by the sounds of it - are you out Orange way??!)

I’m coming on this trip too and can’t wait. I leave for the UK in 25 days (and counting). Staying with relatives in Wales a few days before the tour, then London and Barcelona for a few days after the tour. Unfortunately I had only a measly 5 weeks to holiday in, so this tour is perfect to fit as much of Europe in to that time as possible.

I’m not that keen on skydiving in Switzerland (mainly cost related), but if it looks really amazing I could easily be persuaded. I’m really keen to ski though if the conditions are good and there is someone to go with. ;D

I’m travelling solo for this trip, so looking forward to meeting you all! Is everyone staying at the Clink the night before? Perhaps we could meet up then to say a quick hello (and then at least if one of us sleeps in we’ll know someone who can come and get us up before the early departure!!)

See you all soon,
Jill :slight_smile:


I’m staying at the clink beforehand in one of the large dorms, its going to be a nightmare waking up so early!


I’m staying at the clink too - for two nights prior and two nights after tour! Drinks at say 6pm at the Clink bar night before? I’m sure we’ll all meet before hand anyway!


The four of us are staying at the clink two nights before hand as well, so we’re up for drinks!
Not long now… and really good to see we have plenty of people filling out the tour… Its so exciting… can’t wait to meet you all! ;D