Winter Spirit Nov 1st 2012


Hi everyone!

Was just curious to see if anyone has booked the Winter spirit 2012 tour starting the 1st November?
I’m travelling by myself and would love to know anyone on this trip!

Gabrielle xx


I’m going on the 1st of Nov too. Where abouts are you from? I’m from Perth.


Awesome! :slight_smile:
I’m from Tamworth, NSW.
Very excited!!


Hi guys

We’re looking to go on this one as well, have you guys booked yet?

Krissi & Andy - Sydney


not to be nosey but krissi and andy are you a couple? hows the accomodation working for you? me and my husband were going to book this as our honeymoon and have just read that its single sex accomodation. none of the over tours go to poland and we would really love to go there.


I would say there could be something organized for your trip if its your honeymoon. But I would send them an email and ask them if you can get the same room at each stay, will most likely cost a little extra though.

And yeah, bring on Switzerland :slight_smile:

And I am also traveling solo gabrielle, I am in europe till after new year, is anyone else traveling on their own after the tour?


Hi Tess

Yes we are a couple, I saw that it says single sex accomodation, but I asked a friend of mine and who went on a top deck tour and she said they usually sort it out for you so you can sleep in the same room etc. It might turn out that they put all couples in the same room.

If you end up finding out any more info about it let me know




Thanks Krissi and Tim, I’ve e-mailed them and they’ve said that’d try to put all the couples in the same room if possiably but they couldn’t say for definate. So excited, it looks like it will be a fantastic trip :slight_smile:



Looks like we’ll be in the same room haha. Do you have a facebook account and we can ‘friend’ each other??


Is anyone else staying in europe after this tour? I am not coming back to Aus till after new year.


Also do we have any photographers coming on the trip? I am practicing my night stuff so I can take some epic night shots of the streets of europe, pictures like this…


Im booked too :slight_smile: Where is everyone from and how old are you all? im SO excited!


I’m also going ! I’m from Australia too :slight_smile:


6 weeks to go everyone :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to seeing snow


More Aussies in Europe? oh goodness lol… should be some fun :slight_smile: I’m tagging along as well, i’m male from sunny gold coast. really looking forward to this trip, afterwards I am off to the U.S Of A and doing a tour but will be in London for a few more days after the tour. :slight_smile: anyone staying at the clink?


awesome another Australian haha. im staying clink 2 days before and 1 week after the trip!


Im staying there 3 days prior to the trip as well, still undecided about staying there after the trip, I might end up stopping in amsterdam as I have a working holiday visa there. We will have to do a night out in london before we go or something :slight_smile:


Less than 2 weeks to go now :slight_smile: cant wait!!


see you all in a couple of days :slight_smile: