Winter Spirit March 10th


Hi! anyone else going on this tour?:slight_smile:


Hi THere,
I am going on this trip also.
Its getting so close now :slight_smile:


Hey Anna!
finally someone else haha…are you staying in London the night before? Travelling on your own?


Hi Guys i am on this tour tooo :slight_smile: its pretty exciting how close it is ;D. lm going to be coming into London bout a week b4 but im only stayin 4 a day then im off to Scotland for a bit b4 the tour. Then hopefully back the night before .


You will LOVE Scotland…been living here for about a year now in Edinburgh. hope you have fun! be meeting you soon:)…joining the group in Paris!


Hi Everyone!
Megger10 - I will be in London 2 days before.
Im doing the tour by myself.!
What about the you guys.? Travelling solo or with a mate.?


Hey anna! I am actually going to be meeting the group in Paris on the first night when you get to the hotel. I’m going to Munich first for a few days to visit friends then taking a train to Paris the day before the tour starts. I’m doing the trip solo as well, should be fun! Look forward to meeting everyone:) Are you staying in London for anytime after the tour ends? travelling more? or heading home?


i am tavelling solo also so u wont be the only 1 :slight_smile:


Sounds like there are a few of us going solo - Yay :slight_smile: Im not the only one! :slight_smile: I am flying out tomorrow going to Hong Kong for a few days & than off to London the night prior to the tour starting… After the tour finishes I spend 1 or 2 days more in London - Can’t quite remember! Anyway, I will meet you all in less than a week! Its so exciting! Take care, be safe & it will be great to meet you all!