Winter Spirit leaving 23rd Feb


just payed in full my tour and was wondering who else i will be traveling with!!


Hi Ozzymanga!
My name is Leesa and I am glad you have started this for our tour. It’s is a great way to suss out what’s happening and meet people before we depart. I’m 27, from Cairns Australia (yes, it is going to be a massive weather shock) and I am travelling solo. I’m arriving in London 3 days before the tour starts however, will be staying with my sister rather than Clink. I can’t wait for the trip!
Have you received any information as of yet?


Hello Leesa

My name is Nick and im glad that i got a reply was wondering if i was going to be travelling alone!
i just turned 21 im from tweed heads (coolangatta / gold coast) so the weather is going to shock me too (i’ve never even seen snow so excited) and yeah im moving to london so i thought this tour sounded awesome as a sneak peek of europe!
im going to be getting there a week before the tour i will probably stay with my brother or at clink!
i’ve just got the itinerary and the pre-departure info which were attached to my email i got when i payed!


Hey Guys
my name is Luke, i’m from Perth WA n i’ve just turned 19
i’m getting into London on the 20th and most probably staying
at the clink.

Hope to hear back


Hey Luke

Nice to see another one on the tour!!!
im looking forward to it!
Counting down the days!


Hey Nick and Luke,
Great to hear from you. I finally got my pre-departure info and itinerary today. I officially have five working days left before the trip - it’s getting real now.
Question for you both . . . Are you getting the First Contact Travel Money Card or just sticking to Visa/Master Cards?
Leesa :-[



I got a 28 Degrees Mastercard that i am just going to load up with my own money.
Supposedly its the travelers card with basically no fees and a good exchange rate!


Hi Guys,
I just spoken to my sister in London and they have finally had a cold snap hit for the winter . . . .Bring on the snow! I am sure the novelty will wear off very quickly but I can’t wait to see Europe covered in snow!


I have been speaking with my brother too he says were going to freeze!!!
Have never seen snow so i cant wait !


Hi guys,
i have just been to the travel expo in perth
and i have just bought a cash passport. The new one that i got doesn’t charge you for use
over seas and has a kind of purse system where u can keep certain amounts of a different currencies on the same card. Also any advice on clothes been taken, seeing as we have a certain limit to the amount of weight allowed.



Thanks for letting me know what you are both doing with Cards/Money. My NAB Visa Debit Card has no overseas transactions fees so I think I am just going to stick with it - I have travelled overseas a fair bit before and it didn’t seem to be too expensive, the only thing where the travel cards are better is exchange rates (I think). What was the main decision driver for you getting the cards?
In terms of clothes and stuff, word on the street is to layer. I am just going to take a couple of pairs of jeans, one ski/really warm jacket and stuff to layer under that (ie singlet, long sleeve shirt, thin jumper and then a polar fleece). I spoke to girl that has done a similar TopDeck Tour and she said just to take every opportunity you have to do laundry. In terms of shoes (and you can zone out if this is just a girl thing), I have just ordered a pair of boots that I can wear both day and night and am going to take some pluggers for the shower/around the hostel. The big thing with shoes is to make sure you have a pair that are watertight - particularly in the snow.
I feel it is better to pack light and if you find that you need more/warmer clothes then you can purchase them along the way - I don’t think it will be any more expensive than Australia and it is getting to the end of their season. The one thing that I didn’t notice on the list was a towel - apparently a towel is a must.
So is this your first times overseas?


i plan on layering as well im going to be leaving the clothes i dont need for the trip with my brother in london to save with the weight!
i plan on going out and buying some better quality winter gear in the first few days of arriving in london.
Shoes are worrying me a bit the ones i was planning on taking are not very watertight or have mush grip so i think i will have to rethink them !
As for the towel i got a good largish microfiber one for quite cheap from Kathmandu!
It says that we should have a sleeping bag im not planning on bringing one i have seen mixed reports on weather u need one or not!
This is my first time alone overseas! i have been to thailand a few times and japan once but with family and friends!
Also with the money i plan on getting a bank account when i get over there too.


Hi Everyone
My name is Tracey, I’m 25 from NSW. I will joining you on the tour (solo)… I am staying at the CLINK for two nights before hand.
I am moving to London for two years and thought this is a great way to meet new friends.
Very excited but nervous at same time. Very worried i’m going to freeze.
I work for a Credit Union so will be using my cards - low fees.
Thank you for the advice on shoes, mine aren’t water proof. Think I need to go shopping!

Can’t wait to meet.


Hello Tracy
Glad to hear about someone else on the trip !
and good to hear that you will be staying in london afterwards!
i am also going to be living there too!
im getting very excited i leave for london in 5 days!!!
i have booked for the night before the tour at clink!!


Hey Tracey,
Glad to hear there is another girl!
Spoke to my sister over the weekend and Poland hasn’t got above 0 degrees for three weeks - eek!
Leesa :slight_smile: