Winter Spirit Leaving 17th November 2016


Hey guys!
I know it’s heaps early but wanted to know if anyone else was booked on this trip?
I’m keen to get to know who I’ll be travelling with!

Sigrid (Aussie)


Hi Sigrid,

I’m booked on this trip too & I’m from Aus! :slight_smile:



Hey Natasha,
Where abouts in Aus are you from?
I’m from Sydney :relaxed:


Heya! I’m from Sydney too :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Are you also travelling solo?


Sure am! 2 months in total for me… are you going to be in london for a few days before the trip?


I’ll be travelling for 2 months as well! I’ll be in London roughly a week before the trip.
What about you?


Same here! :slight_smile:


Cool! I get into London about the 10th of November. When do you get there? How old are you?


I get there on the 9th! I’m 20, you?


Just looked up my flight details - I get off the plane midday the 9th!
I’ll still be 17 on the tour (I was extremely lucky, and my travel agent was able to talk to Top Deck about allowing an unaccompanied minor to travel!!)