Winter Spirit leaving 17th March 2016


Hi everyone! I’m from Australia and going on the Winter Spirit tour starting the 17th March 2016 and was wondering who else may be doing this tour as well?


Hey Jess!
I’m Lucy and I’m from NZ and will be on the same tour : )


Hey Lucy!
That’s awesome! I’m so excited!


Hey Jess & Lucy! I’m Foster from Australia - ill be on the tour too. Travelling solo :slight_smile: not too long now!!


Hey everyone! I’m Katie from the United States - I will also be on the trip! Are you guys bringing backpacks or suitcases for luggage? I have no idea what to bring.


Hey ladies! Looking forward to meeting you both! Are you guys staying at the Wombats hostel the night before?

Foster where in Australia are you from?

Katie, I’m using a suitcase!


I haven’t booked hostels before or after the trip yet. Is that where you’re staying?


Yea the trip is leaving from there so I’m staying there for the 4 nights before the tour.


Will be awesome to meet you all!
I’m staying at Wombats the week before the tour, would be great to get a drink or something with people who are around. Leaving for Europe tomorrow night (exciting!) and have been desperately trying to make my suitcase as light as possible!


Can’t wait to meet you all! I’ll be there two days before the trip. I’ll probably book at Wombats too (I’m so unprepared for this trip and doing everything very last minute). Does anyone know if we have to get currency for each country before the trip begins?


Hey Jessica. I’m from NZ /Australia staying at wombat’s the night before. We all meeting downstairs for a beer? My number is 07900067252.


Hi Lucy. Do you know if we’re all meeting for a beer downstairs?


Hi everyone, I think a few of us are keen to meet in Wombar at 7.30pm tonight, feel free to join!


Hi guys, im in wombar atm and wondering if anyone else from the group is here?


Three of us are at a table two away on the bar towards the doors


I’m just out with some friends but I’m keen to join when I get back if you guys are still there!