Winter Spirit leaving 17th Dec 2016


Hey everyone I’m Jemma and from Melbourne Australia.
Just wanting to see if anyone is booked into the Winter Spirit tour leaving 17th December?
I’ll be travelling solo as well so looking forward to making some new friends :slight_smile:


Hi Jemma,
Im Mikaela and I will be travelling from Sydney Australia.
I will be on this tour also and will be travelling solo as well.
What day are you flying into london? :slight_smile:


Hey Mikaela
oh that’s awesome! I’m leaving Melbourne on 9th Dec and going to stay in Germany for just under a week and then i’ll be going to London on the 16th arriving early so I can have a look around :slight_smile: What day are you arriving? would be cool to do some touristy stuff together the day before our topdeck starts.


Hi Jemma,
Oh wow, Enjoy your time in Germany!!
I am flying out on the 14th Dec so I will be in London early morning on the 15th Dec. Will you be staying at wombats hostel that day you get in? That would be cool to have someone to look around with. :slight_smile:


Yeah im going to stay there on the 16th, are you? We could do a day of exploring and then meet up with the rest of the group that night. What day do you go home?


I had to edit this reply because it wont let me reply more than 3 times…
I did start a group chat in that topdeck app but it must not have shown up for you hmmm


Oh sweet :slight_smile: yeah me too i think my flight leaves at 4.50pm. I downloaded the topdeck app and theres a group chat in there but no one has been on it


Hi, James here.
21, Brisbane
I’ve booked this tour too. I’m flying out of Brisbane on the 12th of December and seeing friend’s in Scotland first!
I did a similar tour with contiki a few years ago and loved it. It’s going to be awesome.


Hey James, have you downloaded the Topdeck app? There’s a few of us chatting in there at the moment. You should download it and join us :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,
I am about to book this tour in the next few days and it’s exciting to see other solo people joining too…
I will be arriving in London on the 12/12 and am planning to do some sightseeing beforehand. Would love to meet up with other people before the tour starts as well.
Super excited to meet you all!
P.S… I will get onto the app once I have my booking reference number soon :slight_smile: