Winter spirit leaving 13th December


Hey I’m Jo, wondering who else will be joining be on the winter spirit leaving on the 13th December.
Alone traveller leaving from Brisbane on the 8th December. Staying at wombats hostel a few days before to explore London.


Hi Jo! My name is Megan. I am also going on this tour and I will also be staying at wombats before the tour! I am a solo traveler from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. Can’t wait!


I know I can’t wait. I already have a countdown going and starting to buy warm clothes as its winter now in Australian :slight_smile:


Are you planning on travelling after the tour? I was thinking of exploring Wales before going to visit family in Northern England.


I a, arriving 4 days before the tour and staying 3 days after, but unfortunately won’t be travelling after the tour as only have short time before I have to com back home.


hey guys i’m bianca, i’m from melbourne australia, i’ve just booked this tour (i’m so excited!!!) and i’ll be travelling solo too! I’m staying at wombats before the tour starts as well for 5 nights and i will be arriving on the 8th of december :slight_smile:


Hey Bianca, I arrive in London on the 9th about 7 am :). Very keen to see Europe


Hey guys i’m Owen, i’ve just booked this tour and I’m also a solo traveler from Brisbane, Australia. I’ll be staying at wombats and i arrive on the 9th about 7:30 :slight_smile: what part of the Europe are you guys excited to see?


I am really excited to see London and Austria. Hoping we get to have a white Christmas as well :snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow:


Hey Bianca and Owen! I am so excited to see Budapest and Prague! I agree with Jo, all I want is a white Christmas, my part of Canada hasn’t seen a white Christmas for almost a decade now!


I’m excited to see Italy, and i agree guys i’m keen to see a white christmas because we don’t get snow in Queensland. The only time i’ve seen snow France and Tasmania but it was only from the bus window.


i’m super excited for the swiss alps because i haven’t ever seen snow in my life!!
I also hope we experience a white christmas, that would be extra special :slight_smile:
I’m also keen for Budapest, Prague & Vienna !!
How old are you guys if you don’t mind me asking?


i’m 19, how old are you?


oh awesome i’m 18 but will be 19 by the time of the tour :relaxed:


I am 19 but will be 20 on the tour


I am 22, I just graduated from undergrad, I am going to teacher’s college next year but I wanted to take a year to travel and run away from my adult life.


I’m graduating this year too Megan. Wanted a actually holiday before I have to start adulting as well


Right!? Do you guys have a different school schedule in Australia? We start in September and go until the end of April.


Yeah for uni we start in February and go to November


Oh cool. What are you in school for? Owen and Bianca, are you guys in school as well?