Winter Spirit - January 6th 2011


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m one of those super keen new travellers, and I’m getting far too excited about my trip (but who wouldn’t be!!), I wish it was January already! Anyway, I’ve decided to do the Winter Spirit tour, departing on Jan 6th 2011, with a friend of mine and we’re keen to know who else is going!? It would be great to have a chat about our budgets and which optional highlights are best! I’ve been reading alot of the other posts but it would be good to speak to some people we might be meeting on our trip!

Anyone who would be willing to give us some info on the sorts of clothing we should take would be doing us a huge favour, We’re not used to the cold in Perth! We’re starting off in Canada over Christmas before hitting up Europe for our tour, so appropriate clothing is a must and we have no idea! Please help :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:



I’m in a similar boat to you, I’m doing the Winter Spirit on December 19th 2010, for my third tour around Europe.

I highly recommend Versailles, the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Jungfraujoch, Anne Franks House and Colosseum. The Vatican is OK, but I enjoyed St Peters more as well as some of the smaller cathedrals around Rome.

The other places I haven’t visited previously so I’m new there too.



Hi Becs,

I was sooo excited when I read your post. My friend and I are also doing the Winter Spirit departing January 6th 2011 :slight_smile:
We’re from Perth too and are doing a massive trip starting in December and visiting LA, Las Vegas and New York before travelling to London for our Topdeck tour. We wanted to see Canada too but just couldn’t squeeze it all in one trip lol. How long are you there for?

How are you going in deciding what to take with you as far as clothes, spending money etc? I have never seen snow before so am really excited to be travelling in Winter, though I’m sure I will be freezing the majority of the trip despite the many I will be wearing lol.

Look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:



Hi Bianca!

Haha I was super excited when I read your post as well!! :slight_smile: Wow that sounds amazing! I just miss out on being 21 at that time of year unfortunately so we thought we’d do Canada instead of the US so we could go back and the do the Vegas experience later on. It will be amazing for you though, what an awesome trip!! We’re going over from Dec 5th to Dec 29th and we manage to fit in LA and NY for a few days there as well but we will be in Toronto for Christmas.

I’m stressing about the clothes a little bit tho :S I’ve been to New Zealand in winter once but I don’t think that even begins to compare to the type of cold it will be in Canada and on our trip! But from what people have been telling me…I’ve got the impression that the best option is to buy most of our stuff when we’re there!? Which I guess makes sense because the stuff over there will be geared toward withstanding their weather :smiley:

I have no idea about the spending money though! Are you thinking about doing alot of the optional excursions do you think??

Speak soon!!

P.S. How funny we’re all from Perth :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys
My sister and me have also just booked this trip - arriving in london on the 3/1 and staying for an extra 2 weeks after it.
I can’t help much tho - we also don’t have any idea about spending money or what clothing we’ll need to pack just warm warm warm! :slight_smile:

A few people are telling me we’ll need layers of clothing coz the bus and shops will be really warm, and then outside will be freezing - obviously.

we’re from melbourne, just to break the streak of people from perth.

Dont worry, we’re getting excited too!

Jacki :slight_smile:


Hey Jacki :slight_smile:

That sounds awesome! My friend and I are only in Lonon for an extra few days after the tour then were heading back home with an el cheapo stopover in Bali to warm us up before we come home! But in that time were hoping to do the Monopoly Pub Crawl which sounds really awesome :smiley:

I have also heard that layering is the best choice, and the main comments have been to make sure we dont take too much stuff because we are definetly going to want to buy stuff over there :smiley:

Bec :slight_smile:


Hey Ladies!
So my trip is booked as of this week - the best 21st present ever!! Its still sinking in that I’m actually going and I’m stoked we can all talk before we head over - does anyone know if there’s a facebook group for this tour?? cos that would be sweet! I’m still a bit sketchy about my plans before and after but looks like I’ll arrive a few days before the 6th ans stay a week or two after - thinking of maybe going to Ireland? (depending on $$$$ as always!) I dont have a clue about clothes either BUT I’m going to visit a friend in July that lived in London for 6 months I think and she said she has some good advice - I will pass it on to you all for sure!
look forward to hearing from you - hope you’ve had a killer weekend!!
kris x


Hi Guys!

I’m also doing this tour, with a friend of mine. We are from Brisbane :smiley:


Hi Guys,
WOW this makes all so much more exciting… My friend and I are from Melbourne and are going on this tour also. :slight_smile: its so good we are able to talk before the tour and touch base.
We are in London for a few days before and after the tour and then going to Ireland for 15 nights and travelling around ourselves and have hired a car…
I cant contain my excitment for the sound of music tour in salzburg… I am a huge fan… sounds dorky I know… but i cant wait :slight_smile:
We are thinking about spending money and clothes…
You all sound so fun and lovely, cant wait to share this experience with you all… :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing from you… :slight_smile:



Hey guys

wow it’s so exciting to hear from so many people going on the same tour :slight_smile: Looks like us Aussies will be taking over lol. I can’t wait!!

We too have been thinking that layering will be our best option for keeping warm, go the sexy thermals lol. As far as spending money goes I’ve heard we should budget for 60 Euro a day…

My friend and I arrive in London on the 3rd of January, would be great to meet up with some of you before our trip for drinks or something?

Bianca :slight_smile:


Hi Bianca,

Meeting up for drinks sounds great! My friends and I also arrive in London on the 3rd. Maybe we’re on the same flight… haha…

This is just so exciting, I wish it wasnt so far away!! hopefully it flies by!!! :slight_smile:

60 Euro a day, sounds good I think… Im going to try have as much money as possible just to be sure!!

Cant Wait!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Bianca and Sharna,
if you guys are all on the qatar airways flight that arrives on the 3rd, we will be on the same flight too.
My sister and me are staying at the clink hostel for the three days before the tour.
It’d be awesome to catch up before the tours starts…sounds like its all fairly female dominated so far!
I’ve pretty much started a countdown to it… ;D


Hi Jacki,
Nah my friend and I aren’t on that flight. We’re with british airways! Ohwell…
We will deff have to catch up before the tour, sounds great!!
223 days is it?? haha… dont worry I started the countdown too!! haha…


Hi everyone:)

It is awesome that so many of you have replied!!i agree that it is great that we can all chat before we meet over there! My friend and I are also arriving in London on the 3rd, sounds like that is the date to be there!!! Bianca we’re staying at the Clink too so I think meeting up pre-tour for drinks is a great plan :)…provided we have all recovered from New Years! I’ll have been in Ireland, so fingers crossed hehe
It is pretty female dominated so far!!

Bec :slight_smile:


THIS IS SOOO EXCITING!!! :slight_smile:

We aren’t staying at the Clink, but still on that road just at a hotel! - still cheap so we were stoked!!

Im so jealous Bec that’ll you’ll be in Ireland for new years. We tried to organise that but it didn’t work with Flights and what we wanted to do so we’re heading over to Ireland after our tour! How exicitng… you’ll have to let me know how you go in ireland!! :slight_smile:


hehehe i know!! Im wishing the days away! We can’t wait to be done with uni for the year and go drinking all over the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw that sucks about Ireland, but lets be honest, youre going to have an awesome time wherever you end up :slight_smile: But we will definetly have plenty of time to chat about it on our tour :slight_smile:

I’m starting to stress about the funding tho :S I hope we have enough!!


Hey guys :slight_smile:

My friend and I have our countdown going too lol, but we leave on December 11 and go to the US first so we have 191 days :slight_smile: Cant wait!!

We’re flying British Airways but will be coming in from New York not Australia so won’t be on the same flight :frowning: and we’re staying at the Clink Hostel for 2 nights after our tour but at hotel for the three nights before but definately want to meet up with you all before the tour :slight_smile:

Becs I know how you feel about stressing about funding!! I’ve volunteered to do overtime at my work to pick up extra money lol

Speak to you all soon


I just cant contain my excitment reading everything we’re writing! haha… :slight_smile:

Ohh your at uni… ewww… it is your final year? so you will be able to celebrate harder in true
fashion around the world? :wink:

Yepp the funding is an issue, but Im sure we will all be okay, It’s just crazy saving… I’m having no life at the moment, so will definetly be revealed when it’s all happening :slight_smile:

YAY… speak soon!!


hahaha Sharna! ewww is a great sentiment when speaking of uni :stuck_out_tongue: but no sadly it is not my final year, I have a longggg way to go! But the way I look at it is that i can party harder than ever over this holiday and then come home and knuckle down at uni and plan for another trip!! :slight_smile:

I still have a life atm, maybe that needs to stop now so I can save up big time! haha

Bianca…I go to New York too, when are you flying out??? :slight_smile:


Hey Becs. We’re in New York from December 23rd and fly to London on January 3rd. How bout you?