Winter Spirit Jan 20, 2011


Is anyone going on the Winter Spirit departing Jan 20 2011? Or thinking about it…??? :slight_smile:


Hey Shauna!

My friend and I have booked this trip. ;D

Super excited!!


Yay!!! Finally someone replies! hehehe, now I’m excited too.

I’m booking in the next couple of days - just waiting to hear from my travel agent before I pay. Place is reserved though.

You’re from Melbourne I see?? How old are you? Have you been to Europe before? Are you just going on the trip, or staying in Europe/London longer before or after? When are you arriving in London? I’m arriving in London Jan 17th, flying Qatar airways, and staying after to work etc (possibly for a couple of years). Just want to to the tour to see some of Europe and get to know people.



I’m 21. 22 soon. My friend and I will both be 22 when we go. This our first time going go Europe. We will be arriving in London on the 17th of Jan. Then after the trip we will head to Milan and Barcelona for a couple of days in each city then back to London for the day and heading home on the 19th of Feb. What about you!?


I’m 27. My first time in Europe too! Which airline are you flying? I’m staying on afterwards to work for a while!


Flying with Qantas. You?

Oh awesome! Working in London after wards? Have you found a job yet?


I’m flying Qatar air. Also arriving Jan 17th.
I’m a teacher so not haven’t found a job yet but am going through an agency to do ‘emergency’ teaching so not worried about job situation!
What do you do work-wise? Are you at uni?


Oh what time are you arriving? We arrive at 1.30pm And where abouts are you staying?

What do you teach!? I finished uni, I studied Fashion Design. Just working as a sales assistant at the moment but trying to find a job in fashion buying or product development. Hard industry to crack into.


Thats very close to my time - I arrive at 12.10pm, so about an hour before you! No idea where I’m staying - absolutely no idea. I don’t know anyone in London, and am going by myself :frowning:
What about you guys?
Fashion seems like a very hard industry to get into…but glamorous once you’re there perhaps!!
What about your friend? Where in Melbourne are you guys?


We’re staying at Montana Excel, it’s close to the departure for the tour and near Kings Cross station. I know someone in London, my younger brother’s friend, but I doubt he’ll have time to show me around. But it’ll be fun to explore! Getting lost isn’t a bad thing, it’s when you find all the hidden treasures! :smiley:
As they say it’s not what you know but who you know. But hopefully it’ll be awesome once I get my foot in the door!!
My friend works at the Melbourne MagistratesÂ’ Court. We’re from the Northern Suburbs. Epping/Mill Park. You?


Oh cool - I haven’t even looked at staying anywhere yet haha! Have you looked into all the visas for each country we visit? Too true about getting lost!!

Mill Park - I went to uni with a girl from Mill Park, didn’t know where it was until I met her lol. I’m in southern suburbs. Hampton/Sandringham.
Are you on facebook? My profile is set to super private coz of being a teacher but if you like let me know your name etc and I’ll add you.

So excited to have found someone going on the tour - YAY!!


Haha, Don’t worry, there’s still a while to organise where you will be staying.

Yeah, We don’t actually need visas for the countries we’re visiting. Unless you intend to stay for more than 90 days. But you probably already know you need a visa for working.


Looks like it might just be the 3 of us on the tour - no one else is writing back!! Hahaha


Hey! I am Lynsey from Scotland! I was supposed to be on the 6th Jan but due to work i’ve changed to the 20th. Yay! I can’t wait. I’ve just come back from living in Sydney and i’ve got itchy feet again.
So when do you arrive in London?


Hey hey! Im Emily, i am so so excited!!


Yay!! Exciting to know others will be on this trip. For a while we thought it was just Shauna, my friend and myself. :smiley:


Hahaha, we sure did think that Star! I’ve found a few people on facebook too…Lynsey is one, plus Star & your friend, and I’ve found two other girls, plus me, makes 6…Emmy - are you on the tour too? How old are you? Where are you from? When do you arrive in London?

At the risk of repeating myself from facebook - What type of bag are you guys taking? Case or pack? And shoes? I really am trying to avoid buying ‘hiking boots’. The way I see it - we can wear ugg boots on the bus, ‘shoes’ (chucks etc) for the days, & I’m taking a pair of heeled ankle boots for nights out. What do you guys think??

just over 3 months to go…


I’m just taking a suitcase since I already have one, I’m not bothered spending money on a new backpack.
And for shoes I’m taking a pair of knee high boots for everyday (I was thinking maybe a pair of ankle boots too so I swap over in case something happens the other pair and for the bus too.), ankle heeled boots for going out at night and thongs for the showers. Sounds like a lot of shoes!
Packing is going to be a nightmare!


Think I’m doing a backpack.Sleeping bags? Pillows?


hey all,

Im 21 from Sydney. Currently studying a bachelor of Design so extremely excited to escape Sydney for a bit. I get into London on the 10th and are hoping to go pop over to Sweden with some friends before leaving on the trip. My god i haven’t even thought about packing but will most probably be taking a suitcase. In regards to shoes i spent jan-feb this year in new york and gumboots were my lifesaver- you can pack on layers of socks and there perfect for snow and rain. so ill prob grab some in London before i leave and chuck them out before i go home.