Winter spirit jan 19-feb 12 2012


B-) Hi people! looking to hear from anyone who is going on this tour leaving london jan 19 and returning feb 12? Im an aussie, going on my own, and staying at the clink the night before and after the tour… hoping to meet lots of likeminded travellers and absolutely cannot wait!!!
Cheers ;D


Hey I will be there before and after tour in london too, My name’s simone and im from perth, cya at the clink jan 18th :slight_smile:


sweet as cant wait! i get in at 6am or something on the 18th! so ill be the one looking lost haha! esp since ive never been to london…or anywhere over there…before :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m getting into London on the evening of the 17th and staying at the Clink until we leave on the 19th (also staying there for a few nights at the end) I’m 20 years old and also travelling alone so would love to meet some people beforehand (and maybe hit up a local pub?)


sounds good people! hitting up a pub sounds great hehe :smiley: ill be keen! also…have a question for anyone who has ideas…what are you taking as ‘nice’ clothes to go out in at night? cause i know its gonna be freezing but id like to dress up nicer than during the day! not sure if thermals are really the most attractive clothes :stuck_out_tongue: hehe :smiley: ahh gettin so pumped now! woohoo! :-[


Are you after ideas for guy clothes or girl clothes?


matthew, girls… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just pack clothing u can layer