Winter spirit jan 19-feb 11 2012


Heyyy all!

Just booked my first topdeck trip for next jan! departing jan 19-feb 11 :slight_smile: wantin to meet more people from my tour! im an aussie and wantin ta meet people from all over the world! :wink:




me and my friend are about to book this date for the trip!

anyone else out there booked for this trip?


Oooooh yesssss =D =D HOW EXCITINGGG. We have NO idea what to pack. haha X))


im going on my own fly into london a day or so before the trip! never been there so if anyone is going to be there earlier as well id love to meet you!!! :smiley: cant wait!!! B-)


we get in 4 days before hand, PARRTTTYY :slight_smile:


My friend and I are on this tour! Aussies too, party. :wink:


Not to add to the cliché but I’m also Australian, 20 years old from Brisbane lol. This is my second time to Europe, but the first time I’ve been old enough to “test” the quality of the alcohol ;). I’m flying in on the 17th of Jan and staying at the Clink for the 2 nights before the tour.

I’m travelling alone and it would be great to meet some of you guys in the nights(/days) before the trip starts!


lol nice one stephen! well im 25! cant wait to sample the alcohol :stuck_out_tongue: haha! and yeh ill be at the clink the morning of 18th jan so im sure ill meet some of you then! :smiley: cant waitttt! [^]


Hey guys I’m also going on this trip and am also Australian. I got to the clink today and am also traveling on my own so if anyone wants to meet up before hand let me know cause I’m keen :slight_smile: