Winter spirit Jan 10th- solo


Hey everyone I’m Kate, this will be my first trip going solo, (bit nervous), anyone from Australia (departing Sydney) also going solo and wants to meet up? Would be awesome to have a travel buddy! :slight_smile:️:grinning:


Hey Kate I will be doing this but few weeks early on December 27 also departing Sydney as a lone traveler haah no need to be nervous but excited haha :slight_smile:


Awesome! Have a great time, sure we both will :blush:


Oh dude can’t wait haha I know it’s early but yolo lol


Hey Kate, I am about to confirm this date!! me and a friend from NZ :smile:
I cant wait!


Awesome! Would you guys mind if I hang with you a bit :grinning:


course! we are all in this together after all!!


Hi Kate, I’m Abbey and I am planning on going on this trip also! I am from Melbourne Australia